In 2015, I am going to take control of my physical and mental health.

This year, I’m dedicated to becoming better and learning new things. I’ve been in quite a slump recently and the best way to get out of it is to start creating better habits!

How I plan to achieve my goal:

  • I am going to start cooking at home and making it a hobby so I can start to enjoy something new and build my mind.
  • Workout daily alternating between heavy and low like spinning and yoga to lose weight, take care of my body, and make myself happier emotionally & mentally.
  • Travel this year to a new place to explore, like New Orleans & Seattle!
  • Enroll in a new degree program to gain education and start on a new journey for a new career in upcoming years!

A few things I want to quit:

  • October 2014: I stopped drinking alcohol.
  • February 2015: Stop biting my nails!
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Very excited for the new year and going to make it great. I’ve been in the gym for the past 10 days straight. Tomorrow may be a break or I may just take it very lightly since I did Zumba and Pure Barre today. Loving my accomplishments so far!


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