Try Dry

I was finally able to try the Degree Dry Spray and I’m not disappointed!


No flakes, completely gets rid of moisture. Great scent and I’m in love. I got a great deal too!

First, a $2 dollar coupon in the mail, then Target had 10% off on its Cartwheel app.

All in all it was 4.99 to 4.49 then 2 off. $2.49 and the bottle lasts for up to 8 weeks! Boom. Mind is blown and my gym bag just got happier. πŸ˜„

Update 1/28/15: It has some flaws:Β I started using it for actual activity… Basically, never apply when wet (Just out of the shower), it will ball up and fall everywhere and not stick to your skin. Always shake. Apply evenly & lightly! It doesn’t last 48 hours, if you do spinning or any other vigorous activity it isn’t clinical protection so it will likely sweat off. It’s decent & fun, but it needs tweaking before it will be super.


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