Basically, I LOVE Influenster if you couldn’t tell. I just went on a spree of things I’ve wanted for quite some time since I completed all my challenges for the Ebay VirtualVox Boxes I received. I was offered 3 in total.

  1. Create 3 Collections that focused on a common theme with images & appropriate paragraphs ($10)
  2. Create 2 guides focuses on collection(s) of your choosing with a coherent theme ($10)
  3. Share 3 guides you created additionally for different collections ($25)

In total, I accumulated $45 of Ebay cash to spend on the site.

I loaded up!

I love coats & socks!

I love coats & socks!

All of these items had totaled over $65 and I scoured the site for great ratings at the best price with free shipping from China. I am hoping I made appropriate choices on the sizing, so we’ll see when they get here.

Wanted to give a huge shout out to the lovable program of Influenster and if you haven’t joined, here’s a referral link to get on the freebie train: Influenster Invite from Yours Truly!

Just got a new Virtual Vox this weekend for the #InfluensterBowl! Woo!


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