Holy Grail for a drug store buy!

Holy Grail for a drug store buy!

Found this on clearance at my beloved Discount Drug Mart. I am always looking for higher SPF foundation and, now that I’m aging, something to help fade the wrinkles I have developed on my poor little forehead. L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Line-Minimizing & Tone-Enhancing looked to be perfect for me. I feel as though I have blotchy skin since I am so ivory colored with bright red patches that sometimes show.

I loved that it had ingredients that helped my skin like the Pro-Retinol AΒ (purely marketed by L’Oreal & ultra fascinating!). I’m not sure if the Octinoxate was in later editions or if this was why it was on clearance, but it hasn’t harmed me, so far.

Applied, cutely.

Applied, cutely.

How I typically apply it everyday. I’m looking to invest in a Beauty Blender, but my good ole fingertips work just right for now. It blends awesomely and the Pro-Retinol A immediately goes to work to fade my lines and tighten my skin. The SPF 17 is awesome as I typically need above a 15 at minimum and I use an SPF primer I will show later.

Finished product, excuse the blah.

Finished product, excuse the blah.

My head looks like an alien, but just look at my skin! Incredibly taut and ready for a powder coating. I love how flawless it makes my skin look for a very CHEAP price. I got it for under $6. I wear it to every interview because it makes me look airbrushed after I finish my whole routine. You see no blemishes or red spots and my skin is protected from UV rays.

This foundation really made me believe in L’Oreal products as I fell out of love with them over their mascaras back in the day. I will look forward to later releases of their Pro-Retinol-infused concoctions and recommend them.

I give this product a 10/10. Super breathable and washes off supremely well with soap, not sweat! Doesn’t clog my sensitive, black-head-ridden pores and it covers them with such finesse! I’m ready to try out more with the coupons I get in the paper this week!




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