I received the #FreshisFierce VoxBox complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Small with a punch!

Small with a punch!

I got this little box in the mail. It included a package of Carefree liners, an Influenster information card, and a coupon for 0.50 off my next purchase! These come pretty cheap around me, so I basically got two packages in one!

I’ve used them mostly for the gym and staying fresh and dry during my workouts. I found them to be best for that as they wouldn’t be suitable for feminine needs as they are far too thin and only absorb sweat decently.

Gym life

Gym life

I packed them in my gym bag and gave a few to my sisters to try out.

Ultimately, I would give these a 6/10. They really aren’t practical for anything but the gym. They are extremely thin and the adhesive is only strong enough for light sweat, really. I would only use them for a fitness routine and to avoid sweating through clothes, they are also awesome to tape inside underarm sections to absorb your sweat and avoid those awful stains that can be embarrassing. I’d suggest them to anyone who has a sweating problem in uncomfortable areas. I personally do not and find no use for these going forward. I left the coupon at work for someone who truly needs it!

My review

My review


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