Ah, the choices!

Ah, the choices!

Yummmmm, ice cream without as much guilt! Influenster teamed up with Weight Watchers to offer two free coupons to try their ice cream. I was able to try two and can give my honest opinion about them.

ww3Currently sitting in my freezer are the Salted Caramel Candy bars & the Dark Chocolate Raspberry bars.

I kicked back and had a candy bar while finally getting into OITNB:



So, I gave it a try and DISGUSTING! Ugh, it tastes like they just dumped salt into a perfectly okay caramel. The ice cream cannot even help this disaster of a sauce. I threw this one out after two bites thinking maybe I just wasn’t appreciating it enough and tried it three days later while watching a movie.

Gave it another try.

Gave it another try.

Still terrible. I am not a fan of these at all. I am trying to give them away, I wish I would have gotten the Cookies and Cream bar over these.

HOWEVER, the Dark Chocolate Raspberry ARE DELICIOUS! I cannot get enough. They are the perfect amount of tiny sweetness without going overboard.



I will definitely be keeping these in the freezer and look forward to any more partnerships Weight Watchers has as they area always supportive and coming up with great ideas to trim your waist!


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