I received o.b. complimentary through Crowdtap to review honestly and share.

I was able to try the applicator-free ProComfort tampons and I have to say I was excited. I shared them immediately with my sister.


Big sister trying o.b. for the first time



We opened them and they were very soft and silky. The fabric was better than any other tampon we have felt; however, the way it opened made us skeptical. We loved how small they were, I was able to easily carry in my pocket on the go this weekend.


Easy to toss in my pocket.

After using them, they are super easy to put in and comfortable. I don’t have a heavy flow and found these regular did not protect well at all. I was not able to work out and really love without worrying about a leak. I had to use a liner to make sure I was protected.


Kept in my bathroom for guests to try!

These were pretty nice for vacationing and needing to pack light and for light days, but they are not my top choice because I am extremely active working out 5 days a week regardless of my cycle. My sisters are less active and loved them for how great they feel. They are also able to spend a fraction of the cost on feminine hygiene now thanks to O.B.!


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