I was sent Listerine PocketPaks through Crowdtap for free to review honestly and share!


They released limited edition plaid Listerine, how about purple next!ย 

I have experienced these strips before so I was thrilled to be chosen for a sample. These are super convenient and I love a portable, easily shareable sample!

These are very thin film pieces that are packed with Listerine bad breath fighting Cool Mint flavor. I am not sure if they kill bacteria like the fluid version, but I’m assuming because it does contain trace amounts of alcohol which is what is so potent in their original formula. I enjoyed these and they fought my bad breath so well, I was getting compliments and mistakenly asked what kind of gum I was chewing long after I popped one of these in.


My sisters trying Listerine strips for the first time!

I was able to share these when going out and at my family’s house. Everyone was intrigued and said, “These taste just as strong as Listerine!”



Keeping a PocketPak at work in my desk!

I could easily take them to work and they came in handy whenever I tasted or ate something powerful. I will definitely be keeping these in my pocket from now on. So easy to use and everyone was asking me for one because it’s better than a mint or gum because it’s sugar-free and easily dissolves without mess in your mouth.


2 thoughts on “Listerine PocketPaks

  1. Hey boo! This is @but_she’s_dope just checking you out. About to start a blog I’ll be coming to u for advice because I really love the feel of yours! Anywhoo stay gawjuss!๐Ÿ˜˜


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