I received Listerine UltraClean floss from Crowdtap to try and honestly review.

Listerine acquired REACH floss which was the number one floss on the market, in my opinion. They then coated the amazing floss in their Listerine bad-breath killing mint made it the best floss I have ever used, hands down.

The floss is super strong, I can be aggressive (which I won’t because it’sad for you) in my teeth without it breaking. It flexes and keeps the coating so I can floss easily. It’s not hard like nylon, it’s very soft and cushion-y as it slides across your gum, but it scrubs thoroughly with it’s special grooves!


Listerine at work!

I took it to work and used it morning and night. I actually enjoyed using it and I don’t like to floss. It’s very easy to get in the habit because the coating is perfect to knock out bad breath that often hides in the back teeth.

I know I’ll be buying more because it’s easily located in the tooth aisle and I’ve seen a few coupons for it. I give it a 10/10 because Listerine made something completely unpleasant like flossing a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend it for those trying to take better care of his/her teeth for 2016!


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