I received a free full bottle sample of Listerine from Crowdtap by participating in the Listerine crowd. All opinions of the product are honest and my own.

I used to use Listerine a few years ago, but I had stopped because I thought I wasn’t benefiting for the price. Store brand competitors were less money and seemed to do the same job. However, after this sample, I realized how much Listerine outdoes every competitor. It makes your mouth feel sparkly with its Cool Mint formula to clear bad breath germs.

I started using it only in the morning after brushing my teeth and flossing with my Listerine UltraClean floss. Not only did it benefit my mouth as I explain below, it helps to wake you up with it’s wash of menthol.


Luckily, I was able to try this through Crowdtap as well.

I found my teeth actually whitened in just under two weeks. My mouth feels amazingly well and the sensitive spot I had on the left-side-middle molar has actually vanished! I know I’ll be keeping this in my house because they have coupons so I never have to pay full price and Target consistently releases deals on Cartwheel to combine.

A regular size bottle lasts me about two months as I use just under 2 tsps and swish for 30 seconds. I’m loving the benefits I’m seeing and will continue to be loyal to Listerine. It’s simply the best and a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!


Nothing like a bottle of Listerine in my stocking.


Bright & clean with Listerine!


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