I was sent a Garnier SkinActive Party pack free from Crowdtap in order to review honestly and share with whomever I choose for participating in the Garnier crowd.


My party trying their Garnier gear!


Makeup removed in a single swoop with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!

I was sent a box of wonderful goodies including:

  • $10 Visa giftcard for supplies
  • 11 Product Info Cards
  • 1 Pack of QUALITY cotton swabs
  • 11 samples of Garnier Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
  • 8 samples of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Regular)
  • 2 samples of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Waterproof)

Box packed with quality items!

I was so excited to host my party with my sisters who range in age from mid-30s to young-20s. We all have different skin types from dry, oily, combo, t-zone troubles, hormonal imbalances, etc, so it’s rare to find items that work for all of us…. HOWEVER, both the moisturizer and cleanser worked amazingly for all of us with no irritation!

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing water is extremely different! It requires no rinse and it takes off make up with one swoop of the cotton pad. It moisturizes and doesn’t clog my pores. It brightens my skin and makes it feel supple and brighter. The Waterproof version is a bit more oily in my opinion and my younger sister’s, but my older sisters thought it was perfect for their stubborn eyeliner and mascara.


My party trying their Garnier gear!

The Micellar Cleansing Water attracts dirt and grime from even caked-on makeup from the day before. It swipes it away and leaves your skin fresh, clean, and hydrated! It’s amazing and doesn’t need to be rinsed, as I discussed, so it’s great as a travel companion. It is comparable to luxury brands and at amazing value! Garnier amazes me with their new products at affordable prices. I never really tried them before, but thanks to Crowdtap, I’ve become a lover of the brand!


Wowed by the Micellar Cleansing Water!

Next, we tried the Garnier Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, which is quite a mouthful, but it’s a bargain-ful as well! I usually don’t like SPF moisturizers due to the chemical scent and propensity to bother my eyes. However, this one absorbs so quickly that I didn’t notice a scent and it didn’t seep near my eye area whatsoever. It made my skin feel good and one of my resolutions was to take better care of my skin by protecting from the sun. My sister-in-law especially loved it because she travels to California frequently for business and was looking for an easy SPF moisturizer that had added benefits, Garnier foot the bill! garn6


Garnier even gained a smaller fan 😀

Overall, all of us were pleased with both Garnier products. We found no pitfalls or disappointments, the products exceeded expectations and we will be trying more Garnier products in the new year!







What’s a good party? Coffee, Garnier, & sisters 🙂


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