I received a 25 sheet box sample of Reynolds Parchment Paper for free by participating in the brand crowd on CrowdTap, in return I am giving my honest opinion as I used them for my baking needs this past week.

I admit, I love to bake, but I’m not the best and I hate the clean up. Luckily, ReynoldsKitchens.com has so many easy to follow, quick-prep recipes that I immediately found a recipe I knew I’d love. I opted for the Giant Ginger Snaps because my loved ones love them and we don’t typically have them unless around the holidays sometimes. I thought I’d bring it back with the cold weather and coffee we have been enjoying together.


They most definitely need a mixer to come out as a *snap*. They came out as soft ginger cookies which was pretty tasty in themselves. My dad enjoyed them and I had substituted Splenda to keep them good for him.


I also made Chocolate Chip cookies and will be working on PB Chocolate Chunk Cookies this weekend. cookies2

The cookies were so easy to cool, clean up, & eat warm right out of the oven because of Reynolds Parchment Paper. I cannot wait to revolutionize Christmas baking next year with these. My sisters are avid bakers and I got to share the rest of the pack with both of them.

I’ll be baking more with these helpful sheets from now on!


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