I received Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners for participating in the brand crowd on Crowdtap in exchange for my honest opinion and cooking skills.

This has been one of my favorite samples by far! It’s perfect timing for the cold here in Cleveland and I have been ultra busy that buying a Crock Pot was the best thing to happen to my apartment and life!


I immediately immersed myself in ReynoldsKitchen.com  to find a few recipes to appease my palette. I found a great recipe for Chili that I started the first night I got the liners. I always avoid making hearty dishes like this with tomato sauce because I absolutely despise the clean up involved. However, these liners changed my life! Cooking food has been cut into a quarter of the time it used to take me from start to finish with these and a slow cooker. I’m never going back, always keeping these on hand now that I have some coupons and have been looking for sales because the only drawback is that they are kind of pricey.


Kick back with a kickin’ chili!

I was also able to freeze the leftovers I had and reheat to perfection 3 weeks later!

I decided I was in the mood for spicey foods and found myself craving nachos! Without a doubt, this recipe with chicken, cheese, and jalapeno is the best thing you could bring to the next game day or for movie night with the family. I stays warm and gooey to spread over nachos or dip as you’d like.


Andddd it’s so easy to make and clean up. The cheese had hardened as cheeses do to the bottom of the liner. I couldn’t imagine scrubbing this from my stoneware even after an overnight soak. You get the best of both worlds with great homemade food and easy clean up.



Last night, I made chicken & rice. I accidentally messed up the rice by overcooking it, so I tossed the rice after I dug out the seasoned cooked chicken. Next time, I’m going to add butter and cook the rice separately to just pour over.

It was fun experimenting and trying new recipes I would have never thought of before. I know I’ll be buying more and keeping these on my shelf because Reynolds always produces the highest quality cooking aides I have ever seen in my 25 years.


2 thoughts on “Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners

    • Ha, maybe Family Dollar, not at the dollar store, they are pretty pricey. I need coupons and to find a deal to make them reasonable. You really pay for the convenience factor, I should do a video to show that it literally doesn’t soil the CrockPot at all. I can take the liner out and put the Pot away as soon as it cools without any soaking. Didn’t know you loved to cook in the slow cooker, loving it!


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