Starting & ending my day with active charcoal ingredients! 

You know how I started this blog to write about my absolutely favorite new beauty buys…. well, I immediately have to update on this baby! I am not sure if you can tell in my selfies, but I have the biggest, oil-filled pores ever. I have tried Biore strips and other cleansers that were to pull the dirt out and not over-dry to no avail. I have been so upset with my pores recently that I looked in the beauty aisle for something that focused on removing oil or shrinking pores naturally and found this Biore bar on sale. HOLLA!  It’s amazing!


Many things about this bar drew me in, the natural charcoal, its ability to draw out impurities, the jojoba beads, and the peppermint oil which makes it smell utterly amazing. I couldn’t wait to try it since I have problems with salicylic acid because it overly dries my sensitive skin. I looked at many reviews and couldn’t find any that deterred me from using it. Combination skin is ideal many wrote and I immediately grabbed it at $4.50 a bar as most goes for about $6.25. I know I cannot live without it now.


It smells divine and I don’t even like peppermint.


I immediately noticed results on the first use. I have been using it once a day because I did notice slight dryness within my T-Zone, but I also noticed SHRUNKEN, clean pores! It removed my makeup with ease because it seems to have moderate amounts of glycerin in it to lather up and remove even my most stubborn eyeliner.

I want to travel with it, so I think I’ll invest in getting the cleanser, but I love the jojoba beads in the bar that have had a great exfoliating effect to remove blackheads and the peppermint shrinks my clean pores back to sizes I haven’t seen since before puberty!

I would highly recommend this bar for anyone with combination or oily skin, awful black/whiteheads, or acne even. It’s amazing at removing hardened oils and helping to clear up blemishes. It’s my go-to cleanser now over Neutrogena and my Garnier cleansers. 10/10 recommendation.


Clear skin leads to better makup application & tone matching! 


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