I received complimentary Advil samples through Crowdtap to honestly review.


Amazon.com review

I have loved Advil for years! I have chosen it over Tylenol because I prefer ibuprofen over acetaminophen. It’s always helped any pains I’ve had from toothaches to sore muscles.


I have used it since I was young, my Mom preferred it. It was easier on my sensitive stomach for some reason.

I shared these samples at work to a man for his migraine and a woman for her lower back pain. They both said it was great at alleviating their symptoms. The only downside was that it took roughly 30 minutes to kick in.

I took it for menstrual relief. I had one weird note: these taste sweet! I swear, I put one in my mouth and could not believe how sweet they were, unless it’s the sodium of the fast-dissolving formula and my tastebuds are off. Everyone looked at me funny when I said that, stating they didn’t taste it at all.

Also, these packets were very hard to open. I could see the child-safety precautions, but thought these are way too difficult for older hands or arthritics.

All in all, I usually buy these in the bottle, they are the cheapest variety and I prefer them over the gel caps.

I highly recommend to keep on any active people and those who have occasional headaches.



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