I received Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste and Spinbrush™ complimentary through Crowdtap for testing purposes. My review is 100% my own.


Getting Radiant ready for the day!

I have known Arm & Hammer as a brand for my entire life. Baking soda to detergent to toothpaste, Arm & Hammer has been tried and proven true in my households.

tru3The Truly Radiant toothpaste didn’t disappoint! It’s powerfully minty which made me surprised because their detergent isn’t as fragrant as I hope it to be. This paste has so much to offer:

  1. Outstanding Whitening
  2. Unsurpassed Enamel Strengthening (which isn’t accurate)
  3. Deep Cleaning (BEYOND ACCURATE!)
  4. Fluoride Cavity Protection
  5. Tartar Control

I fell in love with this toothpaste and it’s inexpensive! A&H Truly Radiant stood up to Crest Pro-Health that I’ve been using. A&H protects my teeth so much better. I’m an avid black coffee drinker who doesn’t brush or chew gum after she guzzles down a few cups a day. I have already seen protection and even stain-reversal from the Truly Radiant paste. I haven’t stopped singing its praises to other coffee drinkers like my dad!

The only claim I didn’t like is that it says it “strengthens enamel,” toothpaste cannot do that. Once enamel is weakened or deteriorates, that’s it folks! It’s gone. I feel like this toothpaste really lives up to its other claims and I’ll continue to use it, probably for good!


Crowdtap also send me Arm & Hammer’s Spinbrush™. It was not my favorite. It’s poorly contructed and the head is not appropriate for holding paste while you brush. It’s small, I quit turning it on and am just using it as a manual brush. I’m going to give this to my dad after I use up the brush head. However, Amazon has better Truly Radiant brush heads that I might give a go before I pass it off.

tru2 As you can see, it’s rather big for my hand to begin with, but once it’s turned on, it literally only vibrates. The head doesn’t move. It claims to clear over 100% more plaque, but doesn’t have great grooves on it to even keep all the paste on. It’s bulky and I just can’t wait to get it out of my bathroom.

The brush needs quite a bit of work, but I bet it’s the least expensive one on the market. I bet you could find coupons for other retailers in your area as well, I always see A&H coupons in my mail flyers.

I’m going to have to try the mouthwash next. I’ve been using the paste for nearly 5 days now and I do see a difference with the whitening. I couldn’t tell if baking soda was actually in the paste, but I would assume because it’s a natural whitener and they are the best-known, highest-quality brand for it!

I’m definitely recommending these for your oral healthcare. They are affordable and well-worth the switch.

Check out my Arm & Hammer video review on my Youtube Channel.


Feeling radiant!


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