I received complimentary Garnier Fructis products through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. The review is honest and completely my own opinion formulated from using each of the products.

garn5Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo was an experience! I don’t mean that in a great way and will probably never use this line again. As soon as I applied it to my hair, I felt like I was applying an astringent to my strands. It began stripping away hairs and I could feel it leaving a thin glossy layer over it. I lost quite a bit of hair like I did with the Grow Strong line, but the Sleek & Shine didn’t leave me with softer, fuller strands. It definitely left it sleek. It shined with residual grease, too. This made my hair so heavy and my scalp upset. It helped to straighten it which was the only bonus. I wouldn’t use it alone ever again just because my scalp is so sensitive and I already have pretty balanced, healthy hair that shines naturally.


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioner is a bit different from the shampoo in that it didn’t feel like an astringent to me. It wasn’t moisturizing completely to me, it was more like a protective film over my strands to make them glossier I felt like. It didn’t actively make my hair any softer, it just made it sleeker to work with. I didn’t want to leave this on too long and it said you could rinse after putting it through while focusing on the ends. I wasn’t wow-ed by this, but I guess I wouldn’t choose a different type of conditioner for the partner shampoo. The conditioner made sense in texture as I applied it, it helped to restore those astringent-y strands back to somewhat stripped out normal. Overall, it left me feeling like a thin mask over my hair, some kind of residue that made it glossier, but also weighed my hair down and aggravated my neckline.

garn3Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream was the only part I liked out of this system! I truly would use this on its own. It made my hair manageable, shiny, and hydrated. I swear it actually restored my faith in the line as it seemed to mend what the shampoo and conditioner did. It filled in spots, softened my hair, and made it feel smooth and detangled. garn4

I would use this on a kid’s hair or after swimming to restore nutrients to it and keep the sun absorption. I wouldn’t use this in the winter as it’s heavy and I have a few products for the dry, windiness of the cold months. I left this in and let it air-dry with fabulous results! I am going to use it with my favorite shampoo and update my blog with the results.

After using the system, my hair was definitely shinier. However, I really only liked the Leave-In Conditioning Cream. My hair is very thick, never colored, rarely has product on it, and hardly ever holds a style; while my scalp is sensitive, prone to drying, and flakes with sensitivity issues. The shampoo and conditioner really focuses on the hair leaving the scalp neglected and, in my case, miserably encumbered with film and “Sleek & Shine” goop that lingered until I washed it with a deep cleaning clarifier. I won’t be using the shampoo or conditioner again as I could see myself using this mixed with the Grow Strong line for the straightening purpose only.


This is not my first time trying Garnier Fructis Sheer Set Hair Spray and I am very pleased about that. This hairspray is awesome! It does get sticky if you apply too much, but it holds my super-thick, won’t-hold-a-curl-for-its-life hair! I use it often just to touch spots that I need to stay and reduce any frizz I may have as I let me hair air dry when I shower at night. It does just the trick managing bangs and fly-aways without leaving a bunch of stick and stiff hairs. I also found out that it’s affordable and Garnier typically has more sales at my local Target, so I highly suggest picking it up there. Lastly, I love the smell! It’s not bothersome at all like most sprays.


Garnier Sheer Set Hairspray kept my ‘do through a workout!



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