I received free SPLENDA ZERO™ Liquid Sweetener from Crowdtap in return for my honest opinion.

If you know anything about me, you would know I hate anything diet and any sugar “alternatives,” so I was very surprised to be chosen to receive this product and I gave it the old-college try. Splenda outdid themselves with this one! I LOVE it! It’s so simple, not ultra concentrated, and tastes just like sugar. I want to spritz it on everything and this little bottle is so convenient for anybody to tote with them for a little sweetener in just about anything.


I use it mostly in coffee and tea, but I want to try it on grapefruits and drizzled into recipes or sauces, it’s absolutely perfect in a pinch.

I couldn’t remember what the packets taste like it exactly, so I had to compare and I find the liquid to be a bit more concentrated and have a bit sweeter of a taste, however, it’s much easier to measure out the perfect amount than a packet that I would ultimately always waste half of.

This little bottle could last me about a month and a half with a little pinch every morning. It has a suction so that you perfectly control how much goes into your beverage or food.


2 o’clock coffee break!

If you’re looking for a sugar substitute that is similar to sugar, look no further than Splenda Zero. This is perfectly convenient, portioned appropriately, and tasty!


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