I was sent complimentary samples of Garnier Whole Blends through Crowdtap. In exchange, I was to share and provide an honest opinion.

We absolutely loved this idea and the recipes were sensationally good! We chose to make the Chewy Coconut Granola Bars. THEY WERE SO SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS!


It was an amazing idea to make a great-for-you “wholesome”recipe while we discussed the new Whole Blends products! Garnier Whole Blends are “wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair.” My sisters and I were excited to try them thinking they were made with whole ingredients of some sort. We were sorely mistaken. These are filled with many chemicals that I know aren’t good for your hair and just make it shelf-stable for a long time.

gwb13 We received three varieties:  Hydrating Hair Care Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Extracts, Repairing Hair Care Honey Treasures, and Smoothing Hair Care Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Extracts. I really wanted to try the Refreshing Hair Care Green Apple and Green Tea Extracts.

First night, I tried the Repairing Hair Care. I fell in love with the scent immediately. I reviewed the ingredients and squeezed half the packet into my hand, immediately, I honestly felt like it had honey in it. It was gelatinous-like and thick, I plopped it in my hair and began to lather. The fragrance is amazing. The actual shampoo is very thick, it was so thick for me that I had a hard time rinsing it to feel like I did it thoroughly.


Honey Treasures.

I reluctantly tried the conditioner and couldn’t bear putting it through my hair so I rinsed while I put it in. It’s not actually sticky, but the way it clings to my hair made me not like it whatsoever. It was hard to rinse and get the benefit of what it was repairing because my hair started to come out with all the working I was doing trying to rinse it gently and properly enough. However, in the end, I liked how it made my hair shimmer and it did look healthier, as if it helped weed out split-ends.

gwb2I heard very good things about it from my other friends, though. I shared the samples with them as well. We didn’t make a recipe, unfortunately, but we did discuss the shampoos extensively. Coling (pictured to the left) LOVES Garnier and swears by it, while our best friend CJ has been skeptical of Garnier for a while. Samantha said she used to love Garnier, but hasn’t seen anything new and this was perfect to try! So, we had three for each side. Colin: positive all around and loved the Hydrating one most. CJ liked the fragrance but agreed with me that they were gelatinous-like and unpleasant to use. Samantha loved them, she had said she diluted hers with her own concoction and we thought that was pretty clever.


Discussing the shampoos has been the most fun, it got us talking about other Garnier products we love, like the Sheer Set Hairspray! (It’s a staple in all our homes.)

Next, I tried the Smoothing Hair Care. This one gave me a much better experience. I first adored the fragrance much more. It’s comforting with the prominent cocoa butter. It was lighter in my hair focusing on, in a way, exfoliating my hair. I could feel it skim over the shafts of my hair to the tips and remove all the frizzy ones. I loved the conditioner because it was light. It moisturized and worked to keep the frizz out or help existing hair from the splashes of the hot shower. This one felt like a comforting hair masque. I thought these would be expensive for drug store prices, easily around a $12 conditioner; however, I was mistaken. These are super affordable and under $10, some even under $5! I’m sure coupons will be arriving soon and I’m planning on going for the Refreshing one after liking the Smoothing system.


Getting Ready with Garnier!

I am hoping the Refresh has some scalp benefits, but I think that’s what the whole line lacks and Garnier, generally, doesn’t have much to offer for those with scalp issues or want to help the foundation of the head.


I am not going to try the Hydrating Hair Care. My sister said she loved the scent, but her hair didn’t feel miraculously hydrated. The shampoo had a decent lather and it rinsed easily enough, but it didn’t feel exactly “hydrated.” It softened the ends, but lacked body to help her long strands. The conditioner helped a lot by removing quite a bit of hair, and it covered her whole head pretty well. She liked the vanilla undertones and could feel those really came through after she rinsed.

I think these were a bit lackluster. Wholesome entails that things are natural and really good for you to me. Garnier somewhat exploited the term to me, but the recipes were stellar. I liked how they tried to say that the fragrance is what the shampoo was actually made of, but that was simply misleading.



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