I received free samples of Advil® PM through Crowdtap. The following review is 100% honest.

ad1 I love Advil products, but I purposefully haven’t tried the Advil® PM version. I don’t need a sleep aid or if I do, I use melatonin. Advil PM contains the sleep aid diphenhydramine citrate, which as you see from WebMD is a very common antihistamine. It’s basically Benadryl with ibuprofen. I love ibuprofen and, therefore regular Advil, especially with the quick dissolving coating, but these sleep aids were not for me.

I tried only one capsule and it helped me to fall asleep just fine. However, I didn’t wake up pleasantly. I was groggy. I was without pain, but mildly irritable. It helped as my antihistamine for the day; however, my usual coffee couldn’t even perk me up. I won’t be taking one of these on a weeknight again unless I can sleep in. I’ll stick with my 1 mg melatonin and Advil®.


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