I received a sample of LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® COOL MINT Antiseptic Mouthwash through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. My blog represents my own opinion and experience with full authenticity.

I have used Listerine for years, however, I haven’t been as WOW-ed with one of their new products as I was with this one! It’s absolutely incredible. It’s the Listerine you dream of that’s powerful, but light in the mouth. It’s ultra strong with the alcohol content, so be careful if you’re already sensitive to the regular Listerine. It made my entire mouth feel that “ultra clean” by deeply cleaning my gums, teeth, and tongue.

list1My tongue had a blue tint after I was finished! I liked it because I could honestly feel like my mouth was truly rinsed and all bacteria was flushed out.

My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions include better oral health and this is the rinse I’m going to rotate in with my whitening one. It makes me feel healthier and goes between my teeth to get the best clean.

I love that it keeps my breath fresh for over 4 hours even if I eat something, like breakfast! I’m good for an 11 am meeting still. I really enjoyed this wash, and think you need to know what you’re ingredients are in a wash before you try something new, especially if you’re sensitive to certain ones.


I can’t wait to start using this every other day because it makes me feel confident and gives my teeth extra protection as I’m a daily coffee drinker. Thanks, Listerine!



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