I received complimentary EverPure Volume products through Influenster to facilitate my review. My review is honest.


I don’t normally use L’Oreal products, so I was intrigued to be chosen to try this line. It boasts that it doesn’t have harsh sulfates; however, I immediately noticed that it contains many alcohols. I washed my hair as usual and found that it was much lighter feeling than many volumizing shampoos.

The lotus flower fragrance was the real winner for me. It bloomed immediately as I lathered up and stayed with me after I rinsed and blow-dried (I also used the conditioner). It didn’t seem to volumize my hair at all in the way I thought it would and it aggravated my scalp, which it stated it took into consideration. I felt like a residue was left on my hair and since I don’t color it, I felt this product was completely wrong for me. I think those who color their hair would have a better experience than I did.


Not too impressed.

I knew something wasn’t right with the conditioner the moment I put it in after the shampoo. I was hesitant because it was very slick. I looked at the ingredients and saw why: alcohols abound again. It did have some positive notes, it softened my hair immediately and I began to question if it would really add light-weight volume as it felt very heavy. I rinsed as best as I could and still couldn’t get the feel of it off my hair. I decided to blow dry it.  I made sure to blow dry it correctly and found that these two left a weird feel on my hair like it was dry! It wouldn’t let me style at all (and came out as shown), my hair usually blows out straight and this combination made it blow out as if I let it towel dry!
No volume was added, my natural curl shined which was the extent of the good in this bottle. The fragrance wasn’t as bold and lasting as the shampoo either. I was very disappointed in this product overall and would not recommend it.

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