Target Beauty Box April 2017

I bought a Target Beauty Box on with my Target Red (Debit) card, free shipping, 5% discount with the card, for just about $7.50 packed with wonderful samples and full products. These used to be so difficult to nab every few months, but they seem to realize the demand and started stocking heavily and monthly!

April’s box included:

  1. $3 off $15 coupon that expires at the end of the month (I missed my deadline as I bought it later in the month and went on vacation… ugh).
  2. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser (0.5 oz)

Daily cleanser with ceramide-3 and prebiotic Thermal Water gently cleanses without leaving pore-clogging residue. Smelled like prebiotics, left my face so oily the next day and was generally unappealing for me to use regularly if at all.

3. Sally Hansen Double-Duty Base & Top Coat

2-in-1 strengthening formula preps and protects with nylon & pro-vitamin B5 for long-lasting, chip-resistant nails. This didn’t disappoint! It held up for a good 3 days and protected my nails well.

4. HASK Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner (1.57 oz packet)

Hydrating argan oil works to restore and soften dry, damaged, chemically treated or over-processed hair. It does everything it says. I left it on for 10 minutes and could feel how it went to work on my dry, brittle hair. It brought it back to life from my AZ trip. It didn’t kill my scalp either, which is a real issue for me since I have high sensitivity. It moisturized and softened my hair along with giving it a radiance I haven’t seen in a while. I’d highly suggest for anyone looking for a mask to repair their hair, especially dry split ends, it’s going in my regular routine for once every two weeks or so.

5. Dr. Teals Lavender Foaming Bath (3 oz sample)

Unwind with essential oils that help soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and provide relief from stress. I haven’t been able to use it as my bathtub is a nightmare, but it smells heavenly and I cannot wait to borrow a tub soon!

6. eb5 Facial Cleanser (0.35 oz)

Soap-free, non-foaming formula exfoliates with lactic acid and nourishes with oat protein and vitamins E & B5. I couldn’t believe I liked this. It wasn’t soap, but it cleansed my skin amazingly well with heavy makeup. My skin felt nourished, moisturized, cleansed, and complete after using this one time. I would highly suggest it.

7. Rimmel Colour Precise White Eyeliner

White-colored liquid liner with a super-precise applicator for flawless, highly pigmented lines—bold or fine. I haven’t used this one as I have been utilizing less makeup for the summer months. I am not sure I’ll like it as I typically use the white under my eye in the corner.

8. Banana Boat Dry Balance SPF 30 (1 oz)

Soak up the vitamin D with this matte finish sunscreen that’s pleasant to use. SPF 30 with a dry finish that makes for smart sun care without shine and oily residue! I took this on vacation to Arizona and was so surprised at how well it protected me and how I couldn’t feel it whatsoever. It was easy to tote and apply when needed without having to wash my hands or feel gross. It maybe my favorite sunscreen I’ve ever used because of the dry feel.




Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017

I received this Walmart Beauty Box for free, I only paid for shipping $5. My review is honest.

Spring brought more fun items to incorporate into my routine. I was happy it was less hair care this time around.

walmart beauty spr1

This Trendsetter box included:

  • Sinful Colors – RADiant by Kandee Johnson – I received a pinkish polish that claimed to have a Demi Matte finish. I haven’t had a good experience with Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors yet. They chip so easily and never look like what they are in the bottle. This looked like a bright, “radiant” pink, but it came out like a pastel infused magenta. The brush is thick and gloppy, which would be nice if this polish had a bit more solidity to it, but it’s so goopy that it makes a mess. walmartsinfulAfter applying one coat, it was horribly light and proceeded to chip the same day I put it on. You will most definitely need to apply at least 2-3 coats of this polish to show and then apply a great top coat (eliminating the demi matte supposed finish) and hope for the best.
  • Bioré® Baking Soda Acne Scrub – I can’t sing the praises of Bioré® products high enough. I love them. I have been anticipating trying this scrub for a while, but was hesitant because of the salicylic acid. I usually dry up incredibly and find no benefit from them; however, I gave this a go because it was free and I haven’t been disappointed by them yet.
    walmart beauty spr

    Clean small pores for once!

    It specifically stated it was “great for combination skin.” I used after my regular wash to get my make up and start with a cleaner face. I applied about a dime size to my hand and went to lathering. At first, you notice the smell is intoxicatingly good, it’s a citrus blend that isn’t overpowering. Next, you see that it’s unlike any other salicylic scrub because it lathers so well! I felt it go to work and I enjoyed using it. It claims to clear up, control, and prevent acne blemishes by penetrating the pores. When I got out of the shower, I immediately checked my nose to see if it did anything and was shocked to see that my pores actually shrank on the first use. My skin didn’t try out, it actually felt softened and my oil was controlled. I enjoyed this scrub and wouldn’t suggest for anyone battling acne or blemishes associated.

  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Conditioner – I was nervous to try this conditioner because it contains liquid keratin. I’m so happy I did! It is a liquidy conditioner that applies easily through the hair and goes to work softening and restoring. I used after my regular clarifying shampoo and LOVED the fragrance first and foremost. I then enjoyed using it as it didn’t make me shed profusely like most repair shampoos do. Lastly, it rinsed easily and thoroughly. I let it air dry, I first noticed that it didn’t weigh my hair down whatsoever. I had less frizz and it didn’t bother my scalp, which is the most prominent win for this conditioner. My hair stayed clean, manageable, and beautiful all day.  I would highly suggest for anyone looking for a reparative conditioner.
  • Colgate Optic White Beauty Radiant – Super foamy for a whitening paste! It surprised me that I would only need a tiny pea sized amount to cover my teeth. I had been using Arm & Hammer’s Truly Radiant, but the baking soda or something in it dried my lips and I had to keep switching pastes to alleviate the dryness. I didn’t experience any drying with this paste, I was comfortable and I think I want to switch to this product overall because it whitens incredibly without any sensitivity for me. It combatted my tough coffee stains in only 3 days!
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial – I thought it would yield greater results, but maybe it needs more than one use? I really enjoyed that this one had small exfoliants in it as I massaged and it actually clung to my face unlike many in-shower masks I’ve used. It stayed on for the whole 60 seconds until I rinsed it manually, which was purposeful. I think it could use more of an herb to make it tingle and scrub away at dead skin, but this was an extremely basic facial mask. It helped to remove the dry spots I had on my nose gently. I also noticed that my skin did soften somewhat, but that happens with any mask I’ve used in the shower.

walmart aveeno1

  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial – It’s worth the hype! When opened, it’s luminous and shiny, then applied it’s smooth and as if you’re applying a drop of water across your entire face. No oil whatsoever and felt like a lightweight filmy facial. I woke up and it was absorbed without any residue or my natural oils pulling through *AWESOME*. It helped to brighten my face and the red spots I had disappeared. My skin was soft and supple with all the benefits of the radiance. I want this in my skin care repertoire ASAP. 
    walmart aveeno

    Day after using both Aveeno facials.

    • Side note: make sure you apply this right before bed, I applied it one night about an hour or two before and didn’t get the same productive results.
  •  Rimmel Stay Matte Lightweight Foundation – This sample came with a $1 off any Rimmel facial makeup coupon. I am pumped because I’ve wanted to try their primer for a while now! They had sent me a Soft Beige tone which isn’t for me, so I wasn’t able to try this one out. From the reviews, it sounded decent, but didn’t address pore minimization which is critical for me in a foundation now. If you’ve tried it out and had a different experience, let me know!
  • Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials – Fresh is the only word I have for this deodorant. It feels like I’m applying lotion that acts as an antiperspirant when I put this on. It has a bright cucumber-y scent that lasts throughout the day. I believe it could easily last for 48 hours, but I felt it didn’t factor in heavy workouts. I did Zumba and spinning and this seemed to mask my odor rather than prevent it. It’s truly invisible and didn’t get on my clothing at all, which was an unexpected bonus.

Grab your free box here! 

Walmart Winter Beauty Box

I received this Walmart Beauty Box for free.

I absolutely love this program. The samples are small, but it’s free*! It’s a decent grab bag of mostly hair and skin care, but this time came a little makeup from one of my most beloved brands.

walmart beauty.jpg

* You only need to pay $5 for shipping each season.

The following products were included:

  • Garnier Whole Blends – Green Apple and Green Tea Extracts Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner which is focused on reviving hair and leaving a healthy shine. I received these samples before through Crowdtap and wasn’t that impressed. The ingredients are not fully natural to me, however it is paraben-free. I really love the scent of it and it does leave a good shine, but I have to use it sparingly as I have a sensitive scalp that really doesn’t agree with this shampoo daily.
  • Dove Deep Moisture – I love this body wash. It’s gentle and moisturizing. I always have one constant for summer and winter if my skin needs to balance out. It truly does help to smooth and soften skin, especially when shaving; it’s my favorite sudzer.
  • Curél® Hydra Therapy – One of my very favorite moisturizers. It eliminates my toughest eczema spots and makes my skin feel youthful and revived. It’s the best at absorbing quickly out of the wet moisturizers I’ve tried. It’s not greasy whatsoever either, which is a major win for this type of product that predicates itself on mineral oils. As a bonus, I was given a $4 off coupon, which could average out to be around 50% off near me.
  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straightening System – that’s a mouthful and it tries to capture exactly what it’s supposed to do. I never have luck with L’Oreal products, so I was hesitant to try this. I tried a very small amount out of the packets and was INCREDIBLY pleased with the results. It’s not an every-day-use shampoo, but it made my date night a success. I used the treatment as described and blew it dry. The keratin and tourmaline combination worked wonders with my thick, naturally wavy, hair. It was straight for 2 days, which is a feat considering I can barely hold any style for longer than 8-12 hours. I wouldn’t use more than a little amount, though, because it’s somewhat heavy and could easily go wrong and weigh your hair down immensely.
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Volume – This is an oldie, but goodie! It’s the first mascara I can remember that came out with a wand like this. Instead of a brush, it’s little bristles that help separate and coat lashes effectively. I love keeping the brush as a separator after the tube is empty, it’s that great. As for the formula, it’s a drugstore gem. It volumizes easily from root to tip and doesn’t flake. It’s one of my beloved undercoats and claims 10x the volume in which I can vouch for at least 6x the volume, personally.
  • Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream – THE FAVORITE. I am always blown away by Pond’s, I don’t know why I never reach for their items to try on my own. I’m happy they often participate in these sponsored samples so I can discover their diamonds in the affordable rough! I have put this on my list to buy the next time I’m out because it is actually working and feels wonderful on my skin. I’ve received compliments on my even skin tone and the light fragrance it has. It smooths my skin and reduces the appearance of my fine lines on my forehead, crow’s feet, and neck! It’s comparable to Olay’s Luminous line to me. I use it right after I shower and every other morning now in place of my usual moisturizer because it makes me feel youthful and confident. It does warn for some consumers that they may experience a tingling sensation if they apply it to quickly to freshly cleansed skin, but I haven’t had a problem and I’m pretty sensitive to many products.
If you aren’t subscribed to Walmart’s Beauty Box, I’d highly suggest you get on it. $20 a year for 4 boxes full of these types of products.

Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2016

Walmart sent complimentary samples and all I had to do was pay for shipping! $5 flat. You can’t beat this box. I received the Trendsetter #3 it looked like from my shipping confirmation. You receive a box every season and they are getting so much better at picking products for the season.


Walk Through Box (Yes, that’s a gamer reference)


Beam me up, Scottie!

Loved this sample! Colgate’s Optic White line is amazing, especially for coffee drinkers like me! It took a week of consistent use and it brightened my teeth. I was happy with the results and it wasn’t too rough on my receding gum! bb2



I love Dove’s lines of personal hygiene. These didn’t disappoint! I have eczema and the body wash is very soothing and helped over time. The deodorant was super smelled, felt like lotion, made my armpits much smoother and softer after shaving! I’ll be buying more of the Advanced Care deodorant.

bb3The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo is supposed to naturally help you brighten your hair over time. I think it contains lemon, a natural brightener for highlights. They changed the packaging and it looks like it’s a better, more illustrious product. I haven’t used it, yet, because I’m waiting for more sunlight here in Cleveland to absorb as much light as I can into my hair for my natural high lights that my dad always got in the summer working outside. I love my roots and hope this shampoo lives up to its promises!



I am not sure how I feel about Burt’s Bees at all. This BB cream will not be tried by me at all as I don’t really like the ingredients. I don’t like the chapsticks and I plan on giving this sample to my sister as they sent the middle tone and I’m a light.

Lastly, they included the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, which I do not like whatsoever. I believe they sent it as St. Ives is probably trying to tell consumers that they won’t be changing because their beads aren’t made from the environmentally-harmful plastic. I’m not sure, but it does nothing for me, but agitate my sensitive skin. I’m still on the charcoal kick and I’m sticking!


Wished for a different version than the original!

Overall, I really loved this box and the samples were decently sized. They had a variety and I liked that mine focused more on health and less on heavy, cakey makeup. I hope more makeup samples in the future and maybe a new, limited edition of certain beloved brands, like the Blemish Control St. Ives to rope forsaken consumers back in.

I couldn’t recommend these boxes any more, I absolutely love them and love trying all the products. Target includes more makeup, but I can never get one because they are always out of stock or something. It’s a great deal, Target’s is $7 and then pay shipping separately. I’ll continue to update, let me know if you got a Classic version and what was different, please!


Need Dove before a workout!

Garnier Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer

I received complimentary samples from Garnier through Crowdtap to share and review honestly.

I cannot say how much I love this lotion! It’s practically grease-less which is a big deal for an SPF daily moisturizer! It packs 15 SPF and I couldn’t enjoy the extra benefits of this lotion more. It’s amazing at protecting your skin. It doesn’t bother my eyes with the sunscreen used which is a big deal for me. I used Olay’s daily SPF moisturizer, but it killed my eyes with burning and made my contacts so dirty.

garn1 It came in these tiny sample bottles, but it was perfect to share and pack on-the-go.

The extra great benefits of this moisturizer are that it literally clears, smoothes, and brightens!

According to, it is “Designed with our Antioxidant Complex of Vitamin C & E, Pine Bark Essence, and gentle exfoliating Lipo-Hydroxyl Acid (LHA), this fast absorbing, non-greasy formula turns dull, rough skin into smooth, polished-looking skin with a more radiant, even tone.”

It dramatically brightened my skin in the 7 day challenge. I love using this because it keeps making my skin healthier and keeps me protected.

I have combination skin with a heavily oily T-zone. It works great and protects me on gloomy days very well. It’s even great under makeup, as you can see below!


Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar


Starting & ending my day with active charcoal ingredients! 

You know how I started this blog to write about my absolutely favorite new beauty buys…. well, I immediately have to update on this baby! I am not sure if you can tell in my selfies, but I have the biggest, oil-filled pores ever. I have tried Biore strips and other cleansers that were to pull the dirt out and not over-dry to no avail. I have been so upset with my pores recently that I looked in the beauty aisle for something that focused on removing oil or shrinking pores naturally and found this Biore bar on sale. HOLLA!  It’s amazing!


Many things about this bar drew me in, the natural charcoal, its ability to draw out impurities, the jojoba beads, and the peppermint oil which makes it smell utterly amazing. I couldn’t wait to try it since I have problems with salicylic acid because it overly dries my sensitive skin. I looked at many reviews and couldn’t find any that deterred me from using it. Combination skin is ideal many wrote and I immediately grabbed it at $4.50 a bar as most goes for about $6.25. I know I cannot live without it now.


It smells divine and I don’t even like peppermint.


I immediately noticed results on the first use. I have been using it once a day because I did notice slight dryness within my T-Zone, but I also noticed SHRUNKEN, clean pores! It removed my makeup with ease because it seems to have moderate amounts of glycerin in it to lather up and remove even my most stubborn eyeliner.

I want to travel with it, so I think I’ll invest in getting the cleanser, but I love the jojoba beads in the bar that have had a great exfoliating effect to remove blackheads and the peppermint shrinks my clean pores back to sizes I haven’t seen since before puberty!

I would highly recommend this bar for anyone with combination or oily skin, awful black/whiteheads, or acne even. It’s amazing at removing hardened oils and helping to clear up blemishes. It’s my go-to cleanser now over Neutrogena and my Garnier cleansers. 10/10 recommendation.


Clear skin leads to better makup application & tone matching! 

Revlon ColorStay Creme Gel Eyeliner

This was a dud and it had great potential. It’s the brush! I love this formula, it stays on regardless of what you do and it doesn’t fade. I have hooded eyelids so everything eventually rubs off, but this formula didn’t, it stayed put and didn’t rub or scuff.

First time's the charm

First time’s the charm. 

Super pretty brush, you think, but imagine a plastic bristled tiny brush going in this tough, water-resistant goop application after application, it gets dungy and unrefined after the first use. You will not get a perfect line without a lot of eye makeup remove and Q-tips to smudge this on and remove it off in the shape you’d like.

Have to dig into the mixture to get it on the brush, obvious problems arising.

Have to dig into the mixture to get it on the brush, obvious problems arising.

The dreaded brush...

The dreaded brush…

I stopped using it and gave it to my sister. This formula needs to go into an applicator pencil of some type for it to keep a fine tip for proper application. The results are just rough:



I can make it look great, though:

duck lips

duck lips

I rank this drugstore liner a 4/10. It needs a better applicator, I cannot stress that enough, but the formula is impeccable. It stays on all day and then some in the shape you get it into.