International Delight® One Touch Latte™

I received International Delight® One Touch Latte™ free through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. My review is 100% honest.


I thoroughly enjoyed this new creamer. I found mine at Target along with the other creamers as you can see above. International Delight One Touch Latte froths your coffee through something like aerosol. I had to solicit feedback to use it properly and ID reached out to my Instagram directly to give instruction. You have to press firmly and forcibly on the white tip for it to rapidly shoot into your coffee to actively “froth” it before your eyes. I sampled the caramel, which was pleasantly natural tasting and sweet.

The downside is that to get full flavor, you’d need to pump quite a bit and it only claims to hold 7 uses, which isn’t exactly worth it to me since it’s not real milk, it’s cold, and you will likely only get 5 with the amount required to give your coffee full flavor. It’s more for the frothing effect which is fun to sip through and taste in your coffee.


I would like to try the vanilla next, I’m not sure the mocha would have a very good flavor, especially frothed as that’s not a frothed beverage to begin with (and don’t tell me “mocha latte,” that’s a sham of a drink.) Overall, it was a very fun concept and totally worth it if you’re looking to lighten up your mornings with something fun and easy at a fraction of the cost of a real latte from a coffee shop.



Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Creamer

I received a free sample of Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Creamer through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. My review is 100% honest and my own words.

I always drink my coffee black, so I was surprised I was chosen to try Dunkin’ Donuts “extra creamy” creamers. I decided I’d give it a go and bought teas to make indulgent drinks if it was as sweet as their coffee shops’ syrups and creamers. I was right, but happily shocked to find that I enjoyed it!

20170507_150305 I found that it was extra creamy, better than half and half or milk. It’s also made with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup or oils, which is a huge bonus in my book for creamers.

It sweetened my drinks with a real vanilla taste as well. It didn’t taste at all generic or processed. I have happily been adding it to my coffees, chai teas, herbal teas, and finding other uses in between like sweetening my oats in the morning with a splash. It’s a versatile sugar creamer that really goes the distance for giving your drinks extra creamy goodness. I would highly suggest as it comes in many variations.

I found mine at Walgreens as it’s not sold in conventional grocery stores, I discovered. Check out the product finder on the website as it’s difficult to find any flavors outside of vanilla, regular, and extra creamy around me, unfortunately.


New way to start my days! 

Folgers Coffeehouse

I received a free sample canister of Folgers Coffeehouse through Folgers Coffee Sippers Club to facilitate my review. My review is honest in my own words.

20170215_114455I never thought I’d try Folgers again, but this roast is a game changer. It’s mellow, dark, sultry, and inviting. It’s my new favorite winter roast to always have on hand. You can easily dress this roast up or leave it black and be pleased with the results. It’s versatile and I’d like to use this one in baking. It doesn’t leave a bitter residue on your tongue either because it’s a light body. The AromaSeal ensures that this is as fresh when you get it as it was when it was ground at the factory.

A nice touch was the the new container, too, because it keeps coffee fresher longer. I saw the storing tips said to put it in the fridge, which is a huge no-no for coffee that deteriorates the roast. I’ve left mine in the container on the counter in a cool, dry spot. A must try for anyone looking for an affordable coffee to always have a on hand.


It says you can cold brew or French press it, and the grind is coarse enough that this could work. I have yet to try it cold brewed which is on my list as the roast is inviting enough to be steeped in this way. It’s on my to-do list as I thoroughly indulged in this Folgers roast.

Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend

I received complimentary K-Cups from Folgers through Crowdtap. My review is impartial and 100% my own.


I used to never like Folgers, but ever since Black Silk came out, I’ve actually started to enjoy them and they are super affordable. Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend is a medium body that packs a nice rich, cafe like frothy sip.

folg3 I drink all my coffee black, but this one wouldn’t have been bad with a little French Vanilla creamer. I didn’t like sugar in it as it’s sweet enough for me in flavor. I loved the brewing aroma, and the flavor was smooth, complex, and breakfasty. I love how innovative and flexible Folgers has been. It was my dad’s favorite growing up, always brewed regular in his big green traveler Thermos that he took every morning to work.

It is always going to be my favorite value brand, and with so many different ways to decorate it, I am never going to get tired of it. They have been doing the Medium Dark roast extremely well and I appreciate how versatile they have been in this rocky market. It’s a classic, homey staple from my youth that has a fighting spirit to appeal to tastebuds of yet another generation.

I highly suggest if you love Breakfast blends. Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend needs to come out as a cold/iced brew next!


Trusty work BFF, black coffee. 

Splenda ZERO Liquid Sweetener

I received free SPLENDA ZERO™ Liquid Sweetener from Crowdtap in return for my honest opinion.

If you know anything about me, you would know I hate anything diet and any sugar “alternatives,” so I was very surprised to be chosen to receive this product and I gave it the old-college try. Splenda outdid themselves with this one! I LOVE it! It’s so simple, not ultra concentrated, and tastes just like sugar. I want to spritz it on everything and this little bottle is so convenient for anybody to tote with them for a little sweetener in just about anything.


I use it mostly in coffee and tea, but I want to try it on grapefruits and drizzled into recipes or sauces, it’s absolutely perfect in a pinch.

I couldn’t remember what the packets taste like it exactly, so I had to compare and I find the liquid to be a bit more concentrated and have a bit sweeter of a taste, however, it’s much easier to measure out the perfect amount than a packet that I would ultimately always waste half of.

This little bottle could last me about a month and a half with a little pinch every morning. It has a suction so that you perfectly control how much goes into your beverage or food.


2 o’clock coffee break!

If you’re looking for a sugar substitute that is similar to sugar, look no further than Splenda Zero. This is perfectly convenient, portioned appropriately, and tasty!

Nutchello by Silk

I received a free bottle of Nutchello by Silk through participation in Crowdtap. This review is 100% honest and my own.


I love Espresso. 

Silk has come up with a few nut-based beverages. They were marketed as a kick-back and enjoy-chilled-and-slowly-dessert-type of drink. I was excited to try mine because of the dark-chocolate and how much of a fan I am of walnuts. Let me tell you, this was not for me. It’s incredibly THICK to even drink, you really have to sip and I rarely sip. This was rough for me to drink after the nutty skin lingers in my throat. I don’t like Silk very much, but this had me interested.


I think I just didn’t like walnut, and I’d like to try the Caramel Almonds and Cashews. I tried my dark chocolate with espresso and it made it much more bearable, however, I’d choose to chill my espresso and make it completely cold or slushed next time to make it delicious! It just needs to be watered down a bit. I tried it with milk and it made it a bit better, but I think it should be a base as an icy treat, like ice cream, slushies, home made frappucinos.

Folgers Flavors Fans from Crowdtap


I received 12 samples of Folgers Flavors from Crowdtap to try and share with my friends, family, and coworkers!

Happy to share!

Happy to share!

We sampled all of the flavors between work, home, friends’ houses, etc.

My sister is in love with Caramel. My fave is Hazelnut. Everyone else nabbed the Vanilla. Not sure why others weren’t big fans of Mocha.

I love being able to add some extra delight to something that already makes people happy. Coffee is my ultimate favorite so I was happy Crowdtap chose me to try these out, I’ve been eyeing them in the grocery store for a few month now to spice up my morning ritual.

So happy I was able to share them with others with all the samples I received I have 3 left to spare and will be making a gift of them for an upcoming housewarming!