Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs

I received a sample of Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. My review is honest and authentic.

zic4 I am a believer and will never not have Zicam on hand! Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs knocked my quickly-onset cold out over the weekend, so I actually felt rested for work on Monday. I cannot believe how well these swabs cleared my stuffy nose, helped me rest, and alleviated my headache.

I took it for 3 days at the first sign of my cold (stuffy nose, exhausted, and a mild cough). It combated the congestion immediately, steadily improved my cough, and relieved my exhaustion! I enjoyed taking it because it says it’s homeopathic containing eucalyptus and menthol. It wasn’t at all powerful in a way that would be uncomfortable. I liked how it started to open my nasal passages and relieve my discomfort quickly.


The main reason I enjoyed Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs was because they provided relief quickly. I didn’t know something natural could have such powerful effects on something so common like a cold bug. I found myself sharing them at work to help others. They were so simple to use and ready on-the-go.

I also suffer from allergies and saw they have allergy swabs that I’m going to try next! I am extremely happy with Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs and highly recommend them.




Robitussin SEVERE (Nighttime)

Woot! I am part of the Feel Better Crowd by Robitussin on Crowdtap allowing me to try their new formula and flavors for free.

The coupon was pretty difficult to use, but luckily CVS allowed me to use it and I only had to spend $1.29 on it. It is pretty expensive, so I was pumped to see what the ingredients were and how it differed from the regular Robitussin I’ve been using for years.


Constantly sick, but I have a combative partner now!

I was pumped to see it had more antihistamine ingredients in the nighttime, so I immediately pounced on it. I have terrible allergies that give me an awful cold every season for 3 weeks or longer. I used Flonase for a while, but I recently stopped and wanted to see what I could to treat my cold better.

I took it over the past week every 3 days and found it helped tremendously. I didn’t get that grogginess like other meds and the effects kicked in after 20 minutes of taking it. It helped soothe my sore throat, my nasal congestion, my slight cough, and my general fatigue.


Constantly sick, but I have a combative partner now!

I really appreciated that that it allowed me to relax and took care of my symptoms like my mom used to. I’ve grown up with Robitussin and it gives me that nostalgia of being comforted and eased while I’m experiencing these aching symptoms.

I am going to gift a couple to my sister and my brother because they have allergies as well and have grown accustomed to treating with regular Robitussin.

I will always keep this syrup in my medicine cabinet because it makes me feel so much better and I can trust it to comfort me every time.