Silk® Protein & Nutmilk

This post was sponsored by Silk® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary Vanilla Silk® Protein & Nutmilk to facilitate my review.

I went for the Vanilla variety as I wasn’t sure I’d like the unsweetened variant. It’s luckily lightly sweetened which goes a long way as the nut flavor isn’t really there for me. I am tasting more of the pea protein than anything in this. It truly tastes like chickpeas and had a thickness that couldn’t be cut by mixing with milk. I was about to cut it with water, but knew that wouldn’t work well either.


Eventually, I tried it in cold coffee because in warm coffee it cooked the protein to a gelatinous mess. It is amazing in cold coffee and adds value to your daily morning caffeine boosts. I really enjoy mixing this in and knowing how healthily packed with protein it is to make me worry less about the nutrients elsewhere than in something I consume regularly. I also loved to swap this out for ingredients in baked goods (specifically pancakes) which came out spectacularly well and much healthier. It’s a smart option for those looking for a dairy-free, plant-based protein substitute.

Overall, I was also very happy to see that it was soy free as I don’t like soy milk whatsoever and it seems to irritate my throat when I drink it. This is the best option I’ve seen come out of Silk® in a long time that addressed how to replace milk and enjoy the beverage in the same likeness.



Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alernative

I received a sample of Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative for free through Crowdtap in return for my honest opinion.


I do not like Soy whatsoever, except for edamame! However, I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen to try one of these and I have to say, I wasn’t exactly disappointed. I was apprehensive as I absolutely adore regular yogurt, mainly Greek style and whipped, so this was a whole other level. I gave it good shake to feel the consistency and it was very much like regular yogurt.


I chose Strawberry, but they had citrus flavors, vanilla, and a couple of other berry flavors.  When I first cracked it open, I was surprised to see actual strawberry remnants, like they had used some type of puree while mixing. It was a vibrant pink and had the scent of strawberry. It was a little thinner than I prefer, but I was excited to try. It has 6 grams of protein, which is less than my usual, regular yogurt, so I was somewhat bummed they didn’t incorporate whey in there.


Breakfast Preparation

I mixed mine up with fruit and enjoyed it. The downside was that the soy shines through at the very end of the pleasant bite. It was sweet like milk yogurt and then took a dive for slightly bitter, very soy-flavored aftertaste. I saw many recipes and think it would be an awesome alternative to blend into something like a smoothie, but I don’t think I’ll be eating on its own over regular yogurt any time soon. I love the idea, but hope they modify it a little further.


Nutchello by Silk

I received a free bottle of Nutchello by Silk through participation in Crowdtap. This review is 100% honest and my own.


I love Espresso. 

Silk has come up with a few nut-based beverages. They were marketed as a kick-back and enjoy-chilled-and-slowly-dessert-type of drink. I was excited to try mine because of the dark-chocolate and how much of a fan I am of walnuts. Let me tell you, this was not for me. It’s incredibly THICK to even drink, you really have to sip and I rarely sip. This was rough for me to drink after the nutty skin lingers in my throat. I don’t like Silk very much, but this had me interested.


I think I just didn’t like walnut, and I’d like to try the Caramel Almonds and Cashews. I tried my dark chocolate with espresso and it made it much more bearable, however, I’d choose to chill my espresso and make it completely cold or slushed next time to make it delicious! It just needs to be watered down a bit. I tried it with milk and it made it a bit better, but I think it should be a base as an icy treat, like ice cream, slushies, home made frappucinos.