Revlon PhotoReady

I received free samples of Revlon PhotoReady Primer and Highlight/Blush Duo to facilitate my review. My review is 100% honest.


I have always loved Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. It is unmatched to me in terms of discount drug store primers. It has impeccable coverage that allows you to wear this alone and still mask imperfections and large pores handedly. It’s a thick primer that is somewhat tough to apply with just your fingers. The bottle is interesting as it pumps out, but I don’t see a reason for it to pump out, it could have come in a tube. I haven’t diluted it as I really like what the product does in totality after I finally get it blended.

I let it set and then applied my foundation. I use my fingers and found it difficult to apply and blend over this primer. The primer actively collects the foundation to hold it on your face immediately, so you need to work quickly and keep motion on your face until you cover it completely, then do clean up, which is unlike any other primer I have used. However, this primer goes the distance and longer in terms of holding my look together for an an entire night and beyond. Everyone thought I had just applied it for how fresh it stayed throughout my long night. The only pitfall is that it isn’t moisturizing. My foundation is moisturizing and can’t seem to penetrate the primer to help my skin glow as much as it should. I would like to see a version of this that helps to moisturize or works with your foundation a bit more to get the most out of them both. Other than that, it’s truly astounding and powerful as a primer. I may end up diluting myself with an oil free moisturizer to see if I can rig it to be even better.



I was incredibly disappointed by the Insta-Blush stick. I am a heavy blush user, so I am persnickety when it comes to it. This was a rouge highlighter. I received 300 Rose Gold Kiss and it’s exactly as described. Golden highlighting speckles throughout it, so when you apply, it’s a hint of very light pink rose doused in golden specks. It was difficult for me to use with the primer and after my setting powder, which other blushes are not, I am not sure if I want to apply it under my setting powder because it offers minimal rouging as is. Blending it doesn’t work as it just comes off onto your fingers. I found it best to use as a blush primer. I applied lightly in the areas I was going to put my powder blush and it help my blush on so much longer than I’m used to, so it wasn’t completely useless to me. I may always get it to keep as a blush primer and pops of highlight as I’ve been searching for a blush that is light and stays on for a long period of time to no avail.ย Together, my new blush regimen is a real rouge enhancer that gives me great, natural color for an entire night!

rev5This is probably the second time I’ve used highlighter as I am not that skilled with it and haven’t felt the need for it with my fair tone. However, this is a gem that took my makeup to the next level and I’m incredibly grateful as my facial skin is starting to show signs of aging in my mid-20s! This is like ambrosia for skin, the extra sweetness it craved delivered by gods of makeup. I received 200 Pink Light and it comes out like a cream color and pure highlight. Easily blends which was huge as it’s a strong highlighter. I had given up on highlighters because of the strength, inability to use them properly, blend them, and tone them correctly… this stick did it all in one with a quick swipe and blend with my fingertips. They give incredibly instructions on the Duo pack and you can also quickly Google any other tips as it’s incredibly malleable and easy to work with.rev1 I applied it over my setting powder and blush as instructed and it was still easy to blend and didn’t mess up my look, simply enhanced it! I love it and was showered with compliments after using it. I’m never going back, it makes me more confident and forgives/blurs exhaustion and fine lines. It’s a must in your daily makeup bag and your glam bag.


Maybelline #SuperStay24 LipColor

I received Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Hour Longwear Lipcolor complimentary through Influenster in exchange for my honest trial and opinion.

I received both “Keep Up the Flame” – a deep red color, and “Constant Toast” – a nudish, pinkish color.



A night out in CLE

With 30 shades available, I’m going to be trying this again soon in different colors. The red is very deep and my most liked of the two. Constant Toast let me down because it’s not the nude I need for my extremely pale skin. Rather than toss, I’m going to gift it to another more fortunately colored woman to enjoy the heck out of. I absolutely love the pigmentation in both of the colors, it’s outstanding and really pops as you can see.



Constant Toast doing nothing for me…

The application was pretty easy if you paid close attention because the gloss applier is not one I typically use as I normally use lipstick. I used a translucent lip liner that helped a ton with bleeding or movement while I applied. I found that it instantly mattified after application, so bleeding wouldn’t be an issue. However it was very dry, so I applied the balm hoping for a better effect that I could rub my lips together but I thought that it might make my lips flake and the more you do it, the likelier they will. Mine flaked about 4 hours in, but I’ll take a good, never-fading 4 hours. It’s a decent lip product, great for any time.

I found it best for an evening out, but it didn’t hold up too badly when I had to reapply on the go at Disney Parks.


Election day spent at Disney parks with Keep Up the Flame.

I think this is perfect for sectioned events like morning or evening because it won’t last the entire day without a full reapplication. It flakes terribly and dries badly that you need to take it completely off (I had tried to reapply the lip color over my cracked coat and when it dried, it completely took off both coats which was much easier than washing it off!) My other qualm was that it’s horrible to remove thoroughly! It takes a strong makeup remover with a good elbow grease to get this off all the way.


Completely washed out against my skin tone.

I have to say overall I did like these products and truly love Maybelline. I find their products to work well on my skin and make me feel more confident and beautiful. These colors made me bolder and worked for different uses. They always have products that I can apply across my routines.

Check out their full selection of shades on! I think I’m in love with Always Blazing and Unlimited Raisin. Let me see your pictures if you’ve gotten different colors in my comments below, please!


Best of friends with the Tree of Life & poppin’ lips

#FreshIsFierce VoxBox

I received the #FreshisFierce VoxBox complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Small with a punch!

Small with a punch!

I got this little box in the mail. It included a package of Carefree liners, an Influenster information card, and a coupon for 0.50 off my next purchase! These come pretty cheap around me, so I basically got two packages in one!

I’ve used them mostly for the gym and staying fresh and dry during my workouts. I found them to be best for that as they wouldn’t be suitable for feminine needs as they are far too thin and only absorb sweat decently.

Gym life

Gym life

I packed them in my gym bag and gave a few to my sisters to try out.

Ultimately, I would give these a 6/10. They really aren’t practical for anything but the gym. They are extremely thin and the adhesive is only strong enough for light sweat, really. I would only use them for a fitness routine and to avoid sweating through clothes, they are also awesome to tape inside underarm sections to absorb your sweat and avoid those awful stains that can be embarrassing. I’d suggest them to anyone who has a sweating problem in uncomfortable areas. I personally do not and find no use for these going forward. I left the coupon at work for someone who truly needs it!

My review

My review

EBay VirtualVox Winner

Basically, I LOVE Influenster if you couldn’t tell. I just went on a spree of things I’ve wanted for quite some time since I completed all my challenges for the Ebay VirtualVox Boxes I received. I was offered 3 in total.

  1. Create 3 Collections that focused on a common theme with images & appropriate paragraphs ($10)
  2. Create 2 guides focuses on collection(s) of your choosing with a coherent theme ($10)
  3. Share 3 guides you created additionally for different collections ($25)

In total, I accumulated $45 of Ebay cash to spend on the site.

I loaded up!

I love coats & socks!

I love coats & socks!

All of these items had totaled over $65 and I scoured the site for great ratings at the best price with free shipping from China. I am hoping I made appropriate choices on the sizing, so we’ll see when they get here.

Wanted to give a huge shout out to the lovable program of Influenster and if you haven’t joined, here’s a referral link to get on the freebie train: Influenster Invite from Yours Truly!

Just got a new Virtual Vox this weekend for the #InfluensterBowl! Woo!