Revlon PhotoReady

I received free samples of Revlon PhotoReady Primer and Highlight/Blush Duo to facilitate my review. My review is 100% honest.


I have always loved Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. It is unmatched to me in terms of discount drug store primers. It has impeccable coverage that allows you to wear this alone and still mask imperfections and large pores handedly. It’s a thick primer that is somewhat tough to apply with just your fingers. The bottle is interesting as it pumps out, but I don’t see a reason for it to pump out, it could have come in a tube. I haven’t diluted it as I really like what the product does in totality after I finally get it blended.

I let it set and then applied my foundation. I use my fingers and found it difficult to apply and blend over this primer. The primer actively collects the foundation to hold it on your face immediately, so you need to work quickly and keep motion on your face until you cover it completely, then do clean up, which is unlike any other primer I have used. However, this primer goes the distance and longer in terms of holding my look together for an an entire night and beyond. Everyone thought I had just applied it for how fresh it stayed throughout my long night. The only pitfall is that it isn’t moisturizing. My foundation is moisturizing and can’t seem to penetrate the primer to help my skin glow as much as it should. I would like to see a version of this that helps to moisturize or works with your foundation a bit more to get the most out of them both. Other than that, it’s truly astounding and powerful as a primer. I may end up diluting myself with an oil free moisturizer to see if I can rig it to be even better.



I was incredibly disappointed by the Insta-Blush stick. I am a heavy blush user, so I am persnickety when it comes to it. This was a rouge highlighter. I received 300 Rose Gold Kiss and it’s exactly as described. Golden highlighting speckles throughout it, so when you apply, it’s a hint of very light pink rose doused in golden specks. It was difficult for me to use with the primer and after my setting powder, which other blushes are not, I am not sure if I want to apply it under my setting powder because it offers minimal rouging as is. Blending it doesn’t work as it just comes off onto your fingers. I found it best to use as a blush primer. I applied lightly in the areas I was going to put my powder blush and it help my blush on so much longer than I’m used to, so it wasn’t completely useless to me. I may always get it to keep as a blush primer and pops of highlight as I’ve been searching for a blush that is light and stays on for a long period of time to no avail. Together, my new blush regimen is a real rouge enhancer that gives me great, natural color for an entire night!

rev5This is probably the second time I’ve used highlighter as I am not that skilled with it and haven’t felt the need for it with my fair tone. However, this is a gem that took my makeup to the next level and I’m incredibly grateful as my facial skin is starting to show signs of aging in my mid-20s! This is like ambrosia for skin, the extra sweetness it craved delivered by gods of makeup. I received 200 Pink Light and it comes out like a cream color and pure highlight. Easily blends which was huge as it’s a strong highlighter. I had given up on highlighters because of the strength, inability to use them properly, blend them, and tone them correctly… this stick did it all in one with a quick swipe and blend with my fingertips. They give incredibly instructions on the Duo pack and you can also quickly Google any other tips as it’s incredibly malleable and easy to work with.rev1 I applied it over my setting powder and blush as instructed and it was still easy to blend and didn’t mess up my look, simply enhanced it! I love it and was showered with compliments after using it. I’m never going back, it makes me more confident and forgives/blurs exhaustion and fine lines. It’s a must in your daily makeup bag and your glam bag.


Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017

I received this Walmart Beauty Box for free, I only paid for shipping $5. My review is honest.

Spring brought more fun items to incorporate into my routine. I was happy it was less hair care this time around.

walmart beauty spr1

This Trendsetter box included:

  • Sinful Colors – RADiant by Kandee Johnson – I received a pinkish polish that claimed to have a Demi Matte finish. I haven’t had a good experience with Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors yet. They chip so easily and never look like what they are in the bottle. This looked like a bright, “radiant” pink, but it came out like a pastel infused magenta. The brush is thick and gloppy, which would be nice if this polish had a bit more solidity to it, but it’s so goopy that it makes a mess. walmartsinfulAfter applying one coat, it was horribly light and proceeded to chip the same day I put it on. You will most definitely need to apply at least 2-3 coats of this polish to show and then apply a great top coat (eliminating the demi matte supposed finish) and hope for the best.
  • Bioré® Baking Soda Acne Scrub – I can’t sing the praises of Bioré® products high enough. I love them. I have been anticipating trying this scrub for a while, but was hesitant because of the salicylic acid. I usually dry up incredibly and find no benefit from them; however, I gave this a go because it was free and I haven’t been disappointed by them yet.
    walmart beauty spr

    Clean small pores for once!

    It specifically stated it was “great for combination skin.” I used after my regular wash to get my make up and start with a cleaner face. I applied about a dime size to my hand and went to lathering. At first, you notice the smell is intoxicatingly good, it’s a citrus blend that isn’t overpowering. Next, you see that it’s unlike any other salicylic scrub because it lathers so well! I felt it go to work and I enjoyed using it. It claims to clear up, control, and prevent acne blemishes by penetrating the pores. When I got out of the shower, I immediately checked my nose to see if it did anything and was shocked to see that my pores actually shrank on the first use. My skin didn’t try out, it actually felt softened and my oil was controlled. I enjoyed this scrub and wouldn’t suggest for anyone battling acne or blemishes associated.

  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Conditioner – I was nervous to try this conditioner because it contains liquid keratin. I’m so happy I did! It is a liquidy conditioner that applies easily through the hair and goes to work softening and restoring. I used after my regular clarifying shampoo and LOVED the fragrance first and foremost. I then enjoyed using it as it didn’t make me shed profusely like most repair shampoos do. Lastly, it rinsed easily and thoroughly. I let it air dry, I first noticed that it didn’t weigh my hair down whatsoever. I had less frizz and it didn’t bother my scalp, which is the most prominent win for this conditioner. My hair stayed clean, manageable, and beautiful all day.  I would highly suggest for anyone looking for a reparative conditioner.
  • Colgate Optic White Beauty Radiant – Super foamy for a whitening paste! It surprised me that I would only need a tiny pea sized amount to cover my teeth. I had been using Arm & Hammer’s Truly Radiant, but the baking soda or something in it dried my lips and I had to keep switching pastes to alleviate the dryness. I didn’t experience any drying with this paste, I was comfortable and I think I want to switch to this product overall because it whitens incredibly without any sensitivity for me. It combatted my tough coffee stains in only 3 days!
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial – I thought it would yield greater results, but maybe it needs more than one use? I really enjoyed that this one had small exfoliants in it as I massaged and it actually clung to my face unlike many in-shower masks I’ve used. It stayed on for the whole 60 seconds until I rinsed it manually, which was purposeful. I think it could use more of an herb to make it tingle and scrub away at dead skin, but this was an extremely basic facial mask. It helped to remove the dry spots I had on my nose gently. I also noticed that my skin did soften somewhat, but that happens with any mask I’ve used in the shower.

walmart aveeno1

  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial – It’s worth the hype! When opened, it’s luminous and shiny, then applied it’s smooth and as if you’re applying a drop of water across your entire face. No oil whatsoever and felt like a lightweight filmy facial. I woke up and it was absorbed without any residue or my natural oils pulling through *AWESOME*. It helped to brighten my face and the red spots I had disappeared. My skin was soft and supple with all the benefits of the radiance. I want this in my skin care repertoire ASAP. 
    walmart aveeno

    Day after using both Aveeno facials.

    • Side note: make sure you apply this right before bed, I applied it one night about an hour or two before and didn’t get the same productive results.
  •  Rimmel Stay Matte Lightweight Foundation – This sample came with a $1 off any Rimmel facial makeup coupon. I am pumped because I’ve wanted to try their primer for a while now! They had sent me a Soft Beige tone which isn’t for me, so I wasn’t able to try this one out. From the reviews, it sounded decent, but didn’t address pore minimization which is critical for me in a foundation now. If you’ve tried it out and had a different experience, let me know!
  • Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials – Fresh is the only word I have for this deodorant. It feels like I’m applying lotion that acts as an antiperspirant when I put this on. It has a bright cucumber-y scent that lasts throughout the day. I believe it could easily last for 48 hours, but I felt it didn’t factor in heavy workouts. I did Zumba and spinning and this seemed to mask my odor rather than prevent it. It’s truly invisible and didn’t get on my clothing at all, which was an unexpected bonus.

Grab your free box here! 

Walmart Winter Beauty Box

I received this Walmart Beauty Box for free.

I absolutely love this program. The samples are small, but it’s free*! It’s a decent grab bag of mostly hair and skin care, but this time came a little makeup from one of my most beloved brands.

walmart beauty.jpg

* You only need to pay $5 for shipping each season.

The following products were included:

  • Garnier Whole Blends – Green Apple and Green Tea Extracts Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner which is focused on reviving hair and leaving a healthy shine. I received these samples before through Crowdtap and wasn’t that impressed. The ingredients are not fully natural to me, however it is paraben-free. I really love the scent of it and it does leave a good shine, but I have to use it sparingly as I have a sensitive scalp that really doesn’t agree with this shampoo daily.
  • Dove Deep Moisture – I love this body wash. It’s gentle and moisturizing. I always have one constant for summer and winter if my skin needs to balance out. It truly does help to smooth and soften skin, especially when shaving; it’s my favorite sudzer.
  • Curél® Hydra Therapy – One of my very favorite moisturizers. It eliminates my toughest eczema spots and makes my skin feel youthful and revived. It’s the best at absorbing quickly out of the wet moisturizers I’ve tried. It’s not greasy whatsoever either, which is a major win for this type of product that predicates itself on mineral oils. As a bonus, I was given a $4 off coupon, which could average out to be around 50% off near me.
  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straightening System – that’s a mouthful and it tries to capture exactly what it’s supposed to do. I never have luck with L’Oreal products, so I was hesitant to try this. I tried a very small amount out of the packets and was INCREDIBLY pleased with the results. It’s not an every-day-use shampoo, but it made my date night a success. I used the treatment as described and blew it dry. The keratin and tourmaline combination worked wonders with my thick, naturally wavy, hair. It was straight for 2 days, which is a feat considering I can barely hold any style for longer than 8-12 hours. I wouldn’t use more than a little amount, though, because it’s somewhat heavy and could easily go wrong and weigh your hair down immensely.
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Volume – This is an oldie, but goodie! It’s the first mascara I can remember that came out with a wand like this. Instead of a brush, it’s little bristles that help separate and coat lashes effectively. I love keeping the brush as a separator after the tube is empty, it’s that great. As for the formula, it’s a drugstore gem. It volumizes easily from root to tip and doesn’t flake. It’s one of my beloved undercoats and claims 10x the volume in which I can vouch for at least 6x the volume, personally.
  • Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream – THE FAVORITE. I am always blown away by Pond’s, I don’t know why I never reach for their items to try on my own. I’m happy they often participate in these sponsored samples so I can discover their diamonds in the affordable rough! I have put this on my list to buy the next time I’m out because it is actually working and feels wonderful on my skin. I’ve received compliments on my even skin tone and the light fragrance it has. It smooths my skin and reduces the appearance of my fine lines on my forehead, crow’s feet, and neck! It’s comparable to Olay’s Luminous line to me. I use it right after I shower and every other morning now in place of my usual moisturizer because it makes me feel youthful and confident. It does warn for some consumers that they may experience a tingling sensation if they apply it to quickly to freshly cleansed skin, but I haven’t had a problem and I’m pretty sensitive to many products.
If you aren’t subscribed to Walmart’s Beauty Box, I’d highly suggest you get on it. $20 a year for 4 boxes full of these types of products.

Maybelline #SuperStay24 LipColor

I received Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Hour Longwear Lipcolor complimentary through Influenster in exchange for my honest trial and opinion.

I received both “Keep Up the Flame” – a deep red color, and “Constant Toast” – a nudish, pinkish color.



A night out in CLE

With 30 shades available, I’m going to be trying this again soon in different colors. The red is very deep and my most liked of the two. Constant Toast let me down because it’s not the nude I need for my extremely pale skin. Rather than toss, I’m going to gift it to another more fortunately colored woman to enjoy the heck out of. I absolutely love the pigmentation in both of the colors, it’s outstanding and really pops as you can see.



Constant Toast doing nothing for me…

The application was pretty easy if you paid close attention because the gloss applier is not one I typically use as I normally use lipstick. I used a translucent lip liner that helped a ton with bleeding or movement while I applied. I found that it instantly mattified after application, so bleeding wouldn’t be an issue. However it was very dry, so I applied the balm hoping for a better effect that I could rub my lips together but I thought that it might make my lips flake and the more you do it, the likelier they will. Mine flaked about 4 hours in, but I’ll take a good, never-fading 4 hours. It’s a decent lip product, great for any time.

I found it best for an evening out, but it didn’t hold up too badly when I had to reapply on the go at Disney Parks.


Election day spent at Disney parks with Keep Up the Flame.

I think this is perfect for sectioned events like morning or evening because it won’t last the entire day without a full reapplication. It flakes terribly and dries badly that you need to take it completely off (I had tried to reapply the lip color over my cracked coat and when it dried, it completely took off both coats which was much easier than washing it off!) My other qualm was that it’s horrible to remove thoroughly! It takes a strong makeup remover with a good elbow grease to get this off all the way.


Completely washed out against my skin tone.

I have to say overall I did like these products and truly love Maybelline. I find their products to work well on my skin and make me feel more confident and beautiful. These colors made me bolder and worked for different uses. They always have products that I can apply across my routines.

Check out their full selection of shades on! I think I’m in love with Always Blazing and Unlimited Raisin. Let me see your pictures if you’ve gotten different colors in my comments below, please!


Best of friends with the Tree of Life & poppin’ lips


I received samples of RoC® MULTI CORREXION® products free through Crowdtap. I am providing my honest and own review.

RoC® MULTI CORREXION® 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream literally makes my skin perk up! I never believed in Retinol until I tried a quality version. It’s the best night cream I’ve ever used! Ha, I say it’s like putting tiny diamonds in my skin at night. It makes me glow and gave me confidence in my dull areas. I would highly recommend if you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, it’s lifted my neck area dramatically even though I’m young. I was noticing signs, but RoC took my worries away!


I never had a retinol routine, and RoC® MULTI CORREXION® changed my whole perception of trying one. It’s a very positive thing for me. RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Eye Cream just replaced ALL of my eye products aside from eyeshadow and mascara. It’s brighten my lids so I use it every single morning and some evenings! Hoping I will love the effects over the long-term. 

RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Eye Cream brightened my eyes, lids and bottoms so I looked youthful again! It’s completely changed the way I use eye products and showed me I don’t need to be nervous that I’m too young for something like this. It makes my eyes feel rejuvenated from the outside and I really feel like I’m helping and making a difference. I would recommend to anyone trying to reduce crow’s feel, brighten lids, and feel like looking younger!


A week later!

My favorite RoC sample was the MULTI CORREXION® 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream. It brightened my fading skin and started to work on my tiny worry lines developing. I felt younger and more confident after using it for just 3 days. A week was looking at myself at 22! I love it and will definitely be keeping it handy! #WomenWhoRoC 

Aveeno® Ultra-Calming®

This post was sponsored by AVEENO® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. I received both the Nourishing Night Cream and the Makeup Removing Wipes.


My face is brighter & more hydrated in the morning!

The Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourishing Night Cream was a complete dream! I haven’t had the best experience with Aveeno in the past and was nervous for this sample, but hey! They sent this for me to try and review. First, it’s wonderfully thick, I love a great consistency in my night creams so it feels like a restorative mask. It doesn’t have a scent to me or it’s very faint because it’s “gentle scent,” it smells like oats. I’m not a huge fan of that, but I get the concept is to make this for all skin types.The Feverfew formula has captivated me and made me believe in the product.


It absolutely does what it says, I swear anything I had that irritated my skin in the day and produced redness is immediately soothed with this cream. It brightens my skin and evens my tone to my best shade. I didn’t realize it had tone-correcting, but the ability to sooth is like a built-in tone booster! I’ve been using for a week, it hasn’t caused any problems. It has actually helped my skin rejuvenate, hydrate, and stay moisturized (almost too much). Who am I kidding? Moisturizer is the best for this time and being over-moisturized is never a problem! This would be a perfect gift for anyone and it’s great if you want to start your skin regimen over. It’s helped to clear out my skin and make sure it’s pampered for whatever I do to my face! I love it and will continue to use it as a tried-and-true formula.


I wasn’t as thrilled with the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removal Wipes. These have a distinct scent, which isn’t unpleasant, but it’s piercing. These are somewhat slimy, I’m guessing from the oil to make it easier to remove make up; however, I didn’t find that they removed the makeup as well as I would have hoped. I still had to wash off my eye make up and my skin because I didn’t like the residue feeling it left.

I thought I would take these in my travel bag, but I would prefer to wash my face over using these wipes, if possible. I don’t feel as though it would be comfortable on my eyes after a while because as I tried to remove makeup from my eyes, it was difficult so I applied more pressure which cause irritation to my eyes.

av7 It takes off the makeup well, but I still feel as though my pores were needing a more thorough cleaning. The moisturizer in these didn’t seem bad, it seemed to overpower everything else. I’m okay with a harsher make up removal agents, so I figured these wipes aren’t for me. These are for people who wear lighter makeup like only BB creams and no powders.


Overall, I think this line is amazing as I’ve said before. It’s superb for those with tough skin issues. I’m going to investigate their eczema line because I feel it might genuinely help my newly-found skin problem. I would suggest the night cream for everyone and the makeup wipes for those who want wipes and can’t find a wipe that’s gentle enough for them.


Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue

This post was sponsored by Garnier SkinActive as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Garnier’s SkinActive line continues to excite me! The Ultra-Lift Miracle Wake-Up Anti-Fatigue Day Cream is quite wordy, but it can be with how amazing it is! This is a very lightweight, translucent cream that smells INCREDIBLE (the wildberry extract cannot be beat). It feels like you’re applying water to your skin, it absorbs quickly and hydrates even the finest lines.


Getting my day started!

I absolutely love it to wear alone or under makeup. I haven’t experienced any clogged pores from using it and I have combination skin with most of my oil concentrated on my forehead. I have used it for about a week straight and it’s already brightened my skin. The package indicates that you need to use it for 7 days to see how it “improves signs of fatigue and re-activates skin’s radiance for a healthy glow.” I have definitely seen a difference and I coat my face in makeup every single day, so that’s saying something. I highly recommend for those looking for a lightweight moisturizer, generally. The bonus comes in as you use it consistently!

The Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream [ link because they have a Buy One, Get One 50% off sale on the line right now!] is light and refreshing as well; however, it is a slightly thicker cream. It feels like you’re applying water to your skin still like the other products from the line, but it’s a bit thicker, which I prefer in a night cream.


Sleepily applying the the night cream & the eye cream!

The night cream acts as a light, recharging mask. It reduces signs of dull, dry, and tired looking skin by leaving a protective barrier on the skin after your nightly wash. My favorite part is that it’s infused with Lavender Essential Oil, Rare Plant Extracts & Adenosine because these are very light, but also induce a calming sensation. At night it helps to regenerate skin cells and leave skin looking firmer, younger, and rested! My skin feels softer, smoother, and looks more revitalized.


Let me know if you’d like to try! I have copious samples with coupons!

Lastly, the Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel Cream was a cherry on top of the sundae! This one has a bit different of a feel for me compared to other creams, but I liked it. It was very gel-like and not water-like, it took a while to absorb for me, but I noticed that it went to work immediately. My eyes were cooled, refreshed, and it hydrated all the little cracks and crevices around my laugh lines (aka “Crow’s Feet”). It’s lightened the dark circles under my eyes and helps to eliminate the inflammatory puffing that happens when I coat my days in coffee. The main reason I liked this cream is because it didn’t bother my eyes whatsoever. I wear contacts and have a naturally dry eye, so most creams really agitate them, but this one felt like water and actually helped to relieve them.

I recommend the whole line and in the order I presented. I am very happy with the results as you can tell below, it’s worked out amazingly well for my 25.5-year-old skin!