Aveeno® Ultra-Calming®

This post was sponsored by AVEENO® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. I received both the Nourishing Night Cream and the Makeup Removing Wipes.


My face is brighter & more hydrated in the morning!

The Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourishing Night Cream was a complete dream! I haven’t had the best experience with Aveeno in the past and was nervous for this sample, but hey! They sent this for me to try and review. First, it’s wonderfully thick, I love a great consistency in my night creams so it feels like a restorative mask. It doesn’t have a scent to me or it’s very faint because it’s “gentle scent,” it smells like oats. I’m not a huge fan of that, but I get the concept is to make this for all skin types.The Feverfew formula has captivated me and made me believe in the product.


It absolutely does what it says, I swear anything I had that irritated my skin in the day and produced redness is immediately soothed with this cream. It brightens my skin and evens my tone to my best shade. I didn’t realize it had tone-correcting, but the ability to sooth is like a built-in tone booster! I’ve been using for a week, it hasn’t caused any problems. It has actually helped my skin rejuvenate, hydrate, and stay moisturized (almost too much). Who am I kidding? Moisturizer is the best for this time and being over-moisturized is never a problem! This would be a perfect gift for anyone and it’s great if you want to start your skin regimen over. It’s helped to clear out my skin and make sure it’s pampered for whatever I do to my face! I love it and will continue to use it as a tried-and-true formula.


I wasn’t as thrilled with the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removal Wipes. These have a distinct scent, which isn’t unpleasant, but it’s piercing. These are somewhat slimy, I’m guessing from the oil to make it easier to remove make up; however, I didn’t find that they removed the makeup as well as I would have hoped. I still had to wash off my eye make up and my skin because I didn’t like the residue feeling it left.

I thought I would take these in my travel bag, but I would prefer to wash my face over using these wipes, if possible. I don’t feel as though it would be comfortable on my eyes after a while because as I tried to remove makeup from my eyes, it was difficult so I applied more pressure which cause irritation to my eyes.

av7 It takes off the makeup well, but I still feel as though my pores were needing a more thorough cleaning. The moisturizer in these didn’t seem bad, it seemed to overpower everything else. I’m okay with a harsher make up removal agents, so I figured these wipes aren’t for me. These are for people who wear lighter makeup like only BB creams and no powders.


Overall, I think this line is amazing as I’ve said before. It’s superb for those with tough skin issues. I’m going to investigate their eczema line because I feel it might genuinely help my newly-found skin problem. I would suggest the night cream for everyone and the makeup wipes for those who want wipes and can’t find a wipe that’s gentle enough for them.



Aveeno® Ultra Calming® Nourishing Night Cream

I received complimentary samples of Aveeno Ultra Calming Nourishing Night Cream from Crowdtap in order to test and review honestly.

I have never used Aveeno before this and was quite surprised at the entire sample I used.

Refreshed morning!

Refreshed morning!

It feels amazing to wake up with. I applied after my shower at night and it has a very thick consistency. I loved that it was thick and immediately started absorbing so I didn’t have to worry about it getting on my pillow.

Quickly absorbs

Quickly absorbs!

The sampled lasted me about 5 nights, actually despite how small it is, the consistency is supreme as I said. It made my dark spots lighten a bit and moisturized my face so well that fine lines were minimized.



It made me feel hydrated and healthy, I immediately investigated who it was made by. I found out Johnson and Johnson brands Aveeno and couldn’t be happier. It really takes my skin back to a younger time in my life.

I found that the scent is awful to me. It smells like an old swamp leaf, luckily it absorbs so quickly that I didn’t have to smell this for long because it doesn’t last. However, I would prefer a mild scent like their Gentle Scent line inside of this night cream to soothe you to sleep.

Also, I haven’t used it long enough to notice if it’s actually causing me to have more breakouts. I noticed a few zits pop up after starting this cream when I wake up in the morning which means that something is a bit too thick for my pores.

Overall, it’s a great night cream at a great value. It didn’t both my combination skin that dramatically and the zits I had appeared on top of my cheek and under my eye brow. It actually helped soothe red/dark spots. I would recommend it to those with oily skin compared to dry skin as it seemed to affect my dry patches negatively.