Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil

I received complimentary samples of Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Hand Soap and Hand Lotion to facilitate my review through Crowdtap. The following review is authentic and honest.


The soap and lotion are both strongly scented. I thought I might like it as I somewhat enjoy basil, but this fragrance was overpowering and fake to me. However, if you really love basil, this is real gem. My friends adore basil and were happy I gifted them with my samples.

I loved the natural ingredients of both. The soap was so liquidy! I swear, I used a quarter of the bottle in 3 days, and I’m a single household. It wasn’t the most foamy, but you can really feel the olive oil and the coolness of the aloe vera which was comforting and moisturizing. The lotion was easy to apply, but it took forever to absorb and I wanted to wash it right off because I didn’t like the smell lingering with the greasiness of the lotion. I believe I’d love any of the other variations other than this basil.

basil2 I want to give the soap another shot, and the other scents to the left look wonderful! The selection of fragrances for the hand lotion are significantly less, but I think the Lavender would be a winner for how strongly scented these are. Basil just wasn’t for me.