L’Oreal EverCrème Cleansing Balm

I received a complimentary bottle of L’Oreal’s EverCrème Cleansing Balm through Influenster to facilitate testing. My review is 100% my own. #CleansingBalms


Evercreme will help me battle frizz and rowdy ends.

Evercrème Cleansing Balm is a very new and interesting type of product for me. I haven’t used this thick of rinsing hair product, consistency, or benefits! L’Oreal has 3 different specialties for this balm: EverCurl, Evercrème, and EverPure. The lines each cater to different hair types: curly, dry & damaged, colored, respectively. I have some dry and damaged hair as you can see in the picture left of this. My hair has always been difficult to manage. It’s gotten better since I’ve been cutting it more often and shorter, so I’m going to continue that and treat with continuous use of Evercrème to restore it and have more confidence in my hair.

I had tried to intertwine this and the Extraordinary Hair Care line. I have liked the combination so far! I think it’s helping to rehydrate the dryness.

lor4 L’Oreal Evercrème has 6 amazing benefits:

  • Cleanse – gently refreshes strands, which is a bonus in a conditioner for me.
  • Treat – prevents strands from experience breakage.
  • Soften – Makes current strands silky smooth and pillowy.
  • Condition – Does everything in one!
  • Detangle – awesome adult detangler, I don’t have to spray anything separately and it doesn’t leave a residue, it simply makes strands more manageable.
  • Shine – Gives a natural sheen and gloss to your ‘do that will have people talking!

The biggest bonuses are that it is sulfate-free, silicone-free, dye-free, contains no harsh salts, no parabens, and it’s 100% vegan all at an affordable price and accessible retailers!

I have found that my hair is more manageable, feels more nourished, and isn’t as damaged looking. I always saw stripping or residue, but this hits the sweet spot.


I have seen the results I wanted. My only complaint is that it takes a lot of pumps to get the amount you need and I find I’m using a lot it.

I’m going to have to look for reviews of the other two lines because I was interested to see if they experienced better manageability or what it helped to target for them.




Silk’n VoxBox from Influenster

I was chosen to receive a complimentary Silk’n Flash&Go Express through Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts expressed in this blog are honest and my own.


Unveiling the Silk’n VoxBox

I was so excited when I was chosen for the #SilknSmooth VoxBox. If you follow my YouTube, you can see that I have battled hirsutism for quite some time now. My grandmother was fresh off the boat, Eastern European genes, so hirsutism is genetic and the only option was to have laser/cosmetic hair removal since I have already turned down the steroids used to treat my adrenal glands. I filled out the questionnaire and matched the candidate they were hoping would test this product.

silk3Immediately, I began to investigate what this product was. I saw tons of positive reviews from all kinds of people using it for different reasons. It’s a safe, FDA-approved hair removal laser that you can use at home. It can be used anywhere on the body. It has a very small window for precautions, but with enough time, it will dramatically reduce or eliminate hair growth in the areas you target.

To start, I worked on what’s been the most bothersome for me: my chin. silk1

I jumped on the chance to get rid of any hair. I have been using it for about 2 months now and I’m seeing some results, it’s not completely eliminating, but it has made it less coarse and it seems to be reducing its visibility. I have tried it on my belly and lower extremities, but plan to give more attention and careful treatment after I see great results with my face. I have to say I thought that I would start seeing more by now, but I think I haven’t been using it as much as I should.

The directions state that you must use it on the lowest setting for the first few times and gradually work up to level 5 it has. I did as it suggested and I have been doing it once a week since they said do not do it more than that. Some Youtubers were doing it every other day, which I’m not sure if that’s what’s recommended for thick, coarse hair, but I may boost my treatment times to see better results.

silk3 It’s been extremely easy to use and I use it right after my shower at night so I don’t have any adverse reactions that I may have to deal with. It doesn’t hurt at all and it takes me about 30 second to treat my whole area because you are not supposed to “overlap.” You need to have clean, dry, freshly shaven skin so that the laser can operate optimally. It aims to burn/zap the hair follicle and it’s attracted to the melanin that’s in the dark hair. With 5 levels, it’s still not near what you’d get in a salon because they need to keep this safe and for anyone to use, so you shouldn’t have any worries of burning yourself unless you are holding the lamp right next to your skin and doing “pulsing” treatment, I typically just do the linear treatment and don’t “glide” along my face and keep zapping. It’s easier for me.

I have been updating my Youtube with my treatment/review sessions every other week or so. I also posted a short video on my Instagram. I’m very pleased with the product and hope to get even better results soon. Instagram Review


I love Silk’n as a brand and really enjoy the different products they have come out with. They have wonderful promos going on right now for the holiday, but if you stumble onto this blog after the holiday, go ahead and use promo code “NOHAIR” before 1/30/16 to get 10% off any product. I promise you’ll love it.

#WeightWatchersIceCream VoxBox

Ah, the choices!

Ah, the choices!

Yummmmm, ice cream without as much guilt! Influenster teamed up with Weight Watchers to offer two free coupons to try their ice cream. I was able to try two and can give my honest opinion about them.

ww3Currently sitting in my freezer are the Salted Caramel Candy bars & the Dark Chocolate Raspberry bars.

I kicked back and had a candy bar while finally getting into OITNB:



So, I gave it a try and DISGUSTING! Ugh, it tastes like they just dumped salt into a perfectly okay caramel. The ice cream cannot even help this disaster of a sauce. I threw this one out after two bites thinking maybe I just wasn’t appreciating it enough and tried it three days later while watching a movie.

Gave it another try.

Gave it another try.

Still terrible. I am not a fan of these at all. I am trying to give them away, I wish I would have gotten the Cookies and Cream bar over these.

HOWEVER, the Dark Chocolate Raspberry ARE DELICIOUS! I cannot get enough. They are the perfect amount of tiny sweetness without going overboard.



I will definitely be keeping these in the freezer and look forward to any more partnerships Weight Watchers has as they area always supportive and coming up with great ideas to trim your waist!

#FreshIsFierce VoxBox

I received the #FreshisFierce VoxBox complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Small with a punch!

Small with a punch!

I got this little box in the mail. It included a package of Carefree liners, an Influenster information card, and a coupon for 0.50 off my next purchase! These come pretty cheap around me, so I basically got two packages in one!

I’ve used them mostly for the gym and staying fresh and dry during my workouts. I found them to be best for that as they wouldn’t be suitable for feminine needs as they are far too thin and only absorb sweat decently.

Gym life

Gym life

I packed them in my gym bag and gave a few to my sisters to try out.

Ultimately, I would give these a 6/10. They really aren’t practical for anything but the gym. They are extremely thin and the adhesive is only strong enough for light sweat, really. I would only use them for a fitness routine and to avoid sweating through clothes, they are also awesome to tape inside underarm sections to absorb your sweat and avoid those awful stains that can be embarrassing. I’d suggest them to anyone who has a sweating problem in uncomfortable areas. I personally do not and find no use for these going forward. I left the coupon at work for someone who truly needs it!

My review

My review