Walmart Winter Beauty Box

I received this Walmart Beauty Box for free.

I absolutely love this program. The samples are small, but it’s free*! It’s a decent grab bag of mostly hair and skin care, but this time came a little makeup from one of my most beloved brands.

walmart beauty.jpg

* You only need to pay $5 for shipping each season.

The following products were included:

  • Garnier Whole Blends – Green Apple and Green Tea Extracts Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner which is focused on reviving hair and leaving a healthy shine. I received these samples before through Crowdtap and wasn’t that impressed. The ingredients are not fully natural to me, however it is paraben-free. I really love the scent of it and it does leave a good shine, but I have to use it sparingly as I have a sensitive scalp that really doesn’t agree with this shampoo daily.
  • Dove Deep Moisture – I love this body wash. It’s gentle and moisturizing. I always have one constant for summer and winter if my skin needs to balance out. It truly does help to smooth and soften skin, especially when shaving; it’s my favorite sudzer.
  • Curél® Hydra Therapy – One of my very favorite moisturizers. It eliminates my toughest eczema spots and makes my skin feel youthful and revived. It’s the best at absorbing quickly out of the wet moisturizers I’ve tried. It’s not greasy whatsoever either, which is a major win for this type of product that predicates itself on mineral oils. As a bonus, I was given a $4 off coupon, which could average out to be around 50% off near me.
  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straightening System – that’s a mouthful and it tries to capture exactly what it’s supposed to do. I never have luck with L’Oreal products, so I was hesitant to try this. I tried a very small amount out of the packets and was INCREDIBLY pleased with the results. It’s not an every-day-use shampoo, but it made my date night a success. I used the treatment as described and blew it dry. The keratin and tourmaline combination worked wonders with my thick, naturally wavy, hair. It was straight for 2 days, which is a feat considering I can barely hold any style for longer than 8-12 hours. I wouldn’t use more than a little amount, though, because it’s somewhat heavy and could easily go wrong and weigh your hair down immensely.
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Volume – This is an oldie, but goodie! It’s the first mascara I can remember that came out with a wand like this. Instead of a brush, it’s little bristles that help separate and coat lashes effectively. I love keeping the brush as a separator after the tube is empty, it’s that great. As for the formula, it’s a drugstore gem. It volumizes easily from root to tip and doesn’t flake. It’s one of my beloved undercoats and claims 10x the volume in which I can vouch for at least 6x the volume, personally.
  • Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream – THE FAVORITE. I am always blown away by Pond’s, I don’t know why I never reach for their items to try on my own. I’m happy they often participate in these sponsored samples so I can discover their diamonds in the affordable rough! I have put this on my list to buy the next time I’m out because it is actually working and feels wonderful on my skin. I’ve received compliments on my even skin tone and the light fragrance it has. It smooths my skin and reduces the appearance of my fine lines on my forehead, crow’s feet, and neck! It’s comparable to Olay’s Luminous line to me. I use it right after I shower and every other morning now in place of my usual moisturizer because it makes me feel youthful and confident. It does warn for some consumers that they may experience a tingling sensation if they apply it to quickly to freshly cleansed skin, but I haven’t had a problem and I’m pretty sensitive to many products.
If you aren’t subscribed to Walmart’s Beauty Box, I’d highly suggest you get on it. $20 a year for 4 boxes full of these types of products.

Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2016

Walmart sent complimentary samples and all I had to do was pay for shipping! $5 flat. You can’t beat this box. I received the Trendsetter #3 it looked like from my shipping confirmation. You receive a box every season and they are getting so much better at picking products for the season.


Walk Through Box (Yes, that’s a gamer reference)


Beam me up, Scottie!

Loved this sample! Colgate’s Optic White line is amazing, especially for coffee drinkers like me! It took a week of consistent use and it brightened my teeth. I was happy with the results and it wasn’t too rough on my receding gum! bb2



I love Dove’s lines of personal hygiene. These didn’t disappoint! I have eczema and the body wash is very soothing and helped over time. The deodorant was super smelled, felt like lotion, made my armpits much smoother and softer after shaving! I’ll be buying more of the Advanced Care deodorant.

bb3The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo is supposed to naturally help you brighten your hair over time. I think it contains lemon, a natural brightener for highlights. They changed the packaging and it looks like it’s a better, more illustrious product. I haven’t used it, yet, because I’m waiting for more sunlight here in Cleveland to absorb as much light as I can into my hair for my natural high lights that my dad always got in the summer working outside. I love my roots and hope this shampoo lives up to its promises!



I am not sure how I feel about Burt’s Bees at all. This BB cream will not be tried by me at all as I don’t really like the ingredients. I don’t like the chapsticks and I plan on giving this sample to my sister as they sent the middle tone and I’m a light.

Lastly, they included the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, which I do not like whatsoever. I believe they sent it as St. Ives is probably trying to tell consumers that they won’t be changing because their beads aren’t made from the environmentally-harmful plastic. I’m not sure, but it does nothing for me, but agitate my sensitive skin. I’m still on the charcoal kick and I’m sticking!


Wished for a different version than the original!

Overall, I really loved this box and the samples were decently sized. They had a variety and I liked that mine focused more on health and less on heavy, cakey makeup. I hope more makeup samples in the future and maybe a new, limited edition of certain beloved brands, like the Blemish Control St. Ives to rope forsaken consumers back in.

I couldn’t recommend these boxes any more, I absolutely love them and love trying all the products. Target includes more makeup, but I can never get one because they are always out of stock or something. It’s a great deal, Target’s is $7 and then pay shipping separately. I’ll continue to update, let me know if you got a Classic version and what was different, please!


Need Dove before a workout!

Walmart Winter Beauty Box

Yes! Winter! After the snow we had yesterday, this could be believable. It’s now Spring in Cleveland and I’ll be getting the next Beauty Box soon from Walmart, but somthing had happened with my subscription that sent me this one just last week.

I did some digging and could only decipher that some of the subscriptions got messed up and you had to resign up at Walmart’s BB site. I also discovered that you can sign up for “Trendsetter” or “Classic.” I am a Trendsetter (T), apparently, and I’m not sure how you can switch or sign up for a new one and specify the type.

So, here goes! bb

Walmart’s Winter Beauty Box (T) had many baby samples!

bb  Nivea Soft Creme, which is one of my favorites! It’s got a soft fragrance, amazing moisturizing, greaseless, and quick absorption properties. I keep this formula around at all times because it’s great when my skin over-dries in the winter. You can see how I’ve been using it above on the patches of dry skin.

L’Oreal Total Repair 5, which is ranked highly via the link. I don’t know if I really like L’Oreal haircare because it tends to build up on my scalp and leave it weighing down, irrespective of the formula.  I received a full size product that I will be updating at a future date (Influenster). bb


Pump it up!

Aussie Mega Hairspray is a well-known and reliable product. I can never get into the signature scent, but they are great for needing hairstyles to “stick.”

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser is a product I have tried before and loved. It’s for evening tone and brightening. I haven’t tried it extensively which it probably takes continuous use to see results. It claims it doesn’t overdry skin, and I would agree. My combination skin does well with it. I really love the scent of the white tea & vitamin e. bb


L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream is amazing! I actually really love the L’Oreal skincare line. The best part of this cream is that it has a high SPF and provides an amazing finish over the skin that can be worn alone. I have combination skin and this keeps my pores open and happy when worn alone over my daily Olay moisturizer. I suggest for all skin types and tones. It’s an awesome finishing cream that is truly instant!


Crest 3D White Brilliance is a 2-part whitening system that is absolutely brilliant as a product! I needed this product badly because the whitening systems I use now bother my tooth where my gum receded. This helps target areas on my teeth and actually whiten them evenly. I drink a ton of black coffee daily and don’t brush right after, so this is amazing for protection and whitening through the day. I love this system and was hoping for a coupon, but I’ll continue to watch my ads to get the full version!

bb Jergens Natural Glow was sent in 3-day increments to see how quickly the results show and stay. I was intrigued by the claim that the scent was “award-winning.” I did not try this one. I sent to my sister who tried it and said she didn’t like the scent. It’s similar to their almond signature, but the tanning essence adds a nauseating element. The color showed quickly and lasted if you minimally showered, didn’t sweat, and had more than 3 days. Overall, it’s not like other ones that take a while to absorb and it has a good color, not very orangey.

Lastly, they included Ken Paves You Are Beautiful shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t like the package and the reviews made me hesitant. I will be giving this one away because I have a very sensitive scalp and would rather not experience terrible side effects.

I also uploaded a video unboxing to my YouTube page.


If you have any experience with the above items, I’d love to hear your opinion in my comments! I’ll be posting the Spring edition soon.

Walmart Winter 2014 Beauty Box Version 2

I don’t know where to start with this one, I’m just kind of eh with it.

The box unveiled!

The box unveiled!

I immediately opened the perfumes and had to order the Sultry (purple), so wonderful. All of them are very floral-y. Radiant was too bright for me. I loved Cherished as well. They have a different type of flower with jasmine added to them.

Love this Drew Barrymore perfume, seriously, so floral!

Love this Drew Barrymore perfume, seriously, so floral!

I haven’t tried the shampoos yet. I don’t dye my hair, so I’m gave the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy to a friend who dies her hair red. She was in love! She said it does maintain the color and actually softens the hair without giving it a dullness. I plan on giving the John Frieda to my sister because she’s always complaining that her hair is so flat and she also dyes hers. I was upset there wasn’t an option for those who don’t dye their hair… Also, all of the coupons were expired by the time they got to me.

I tried the CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in 640 Juicy Fruit. It’s very very light. It’s more like a gloss. It’s hydrating, but it doesn’t last because it’s just sticky and tacky to me. I expected more color to go with the trend of lipstains right now, but it’s eh. I gave it to my little sister because I feel the color and style is just too young for me.

Next, I tried the Burt’s Bees Makeup Wipes. They were as expected:

Burt's Bee's makeup wipes.

Burt’s Bee’s makeup wipes.

I don't like BB's smells at all. Too pungent to me.

I don’t like BB’s smells at all. Too pungent to me.

They don't do anything.

They don’t do anything.

They don’t remove makeup at all and they smell too harsh to even try to scrub, I’ll stick to my Neutrogena face wash. I look like I’m crying is how bad it is.

Speaking of soap, I adore the Dove Nutrium Wash! I went out and immediately bought a big one. They updated the formula and as soon a you use it with an exfoliating scrub, your skin feels baby soft again.

Mini & big <3

Mini & big ❤

Lastly, I got a new lotion & I love it! It’s perfect to pop in your purse for winter weather, the Aveeno daily moisturizing! It absorbs so quickly and makes your hands feel like water actually absorbed into your hands quickly.

Love it!

Love it!

Excited for Spring’s box! It was hard to subscribe for these, but I’m liking them because they’re really fun and the packaging is great. You can’t beat $5 flat for these kind of quality samples!